10 Delicious Raita Dishes To Try While Having Late Night Dinner
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One of the most popular Indian cuisines is raita, a sauce made with yoghurt. It is a staple of many regional thalis, and it is impossible to enjoy dishes like masaledar stir-fries, filled parathas, kebabs, and biryanis without it on the side. Ratiti is a refreshing dish that provides a cooling effect after a hefty dose of masalas in Indian cuisine, which is well-known and adored for its penchant for chiles and spices. 

It is a godsend to those with sensitive palates as it helps to balance out strong flavours. Like the well-known Greek dip known as tzatziki, raita combines thick yoghurt with various fruits, vegetables, and spices. Their most well-liked recipe calls for grated cucumber, red chilli powder, and freshly roasted jeera powder (cumin). It is present in practically every home in the nation's many areas.

Explore these raitas recipes when having late night dinner. 

10 Delicious Raita To Try 

1. Boondi Ka Raita

An Indian delicacy called boondi is prepared from chickpea flour. The flour dough is rolled into small balls and rolled in oil. These have a golden brown hue and are crunchy. Soaking boondi in yoghurt causes it to become overly mushy and melt in the mouth. North Indian food called boondi ka raita is typically served with pulao or biryani.

2. Veggie Raita

One occasionally finds themselves unsure what to do with leftover vegetables when one opens the refrigerator door. Veggie Raita is the solution. This raita is simple to make and packed with nutrition. A delicious vegetable raita may be prepared quickly with just a few vegetables and some fresh yoghurt instantly.

3. Pomegranates Raita

Pomegranates are rich in nutrients. It has a lot of nutritional fibre and vitamins. This is a healthy and incredibly simple-to-make Raita. It looks incredibly colourful and garnished with small translucent red pomegranate seeds and fresh green coriander. Kids especially love this raita. The flavour is optimal when served cold. Makes a delicious dessert.

4. Onion And Tomato Raita

One always has tomatoes, onions, and a few green chillies in the  kitchen, so one needs those ingredients to prepare this raita. This raita pairs nicely with biryani and pulao; one can even eat it with tandoori chicken. Because of its nutritional content, this is a highly nice and simple way to make raita.

5. Pineapples Raita

A delectable meal including ripe pineapple chunks combined with yoghurt and spices. This dish, made with yoghurt, is soothing to the stomach and lessens the heat from other main-course Indian meals. A good source of vitamin C is pineapple. This recipe for sweet raita makes a delightful dessert at night too.

6. Mango Raita

A delectable recipe for raita, including chunks of juicy, sweet mangos. When combined with yoghurt, mangos, a tasty fruit with high nutritional content, make a delectable dish. One could also top it with other vibrant fruits. Because it's tasty and colourful, kids adore it. The perfect flavour when served cold.

7. Makhan Raita

The makhana, often the fox nut, is a water lily family blooming plant. These are tasty, white, crisp seeds. This seed is high in protein and lower in salt, cholesterol, and saturated fats. Yoghurt and roasted makhana seeds combine to create the delicious meal makhana raita. This keeps the body cool and is healthy.

8. Carrot Raita

Carrots are loaded with health advantages. It has a high vitamin content. It helps to improve the skin and is beneficial to the eyes. Thus, carrots and curd make the tastiest healthy side dish. It is always beneficial to occasionally include this vegetable in your diet in its raw state. One can chop carrots for salads or prepare this delectable yoghurt raita.

9. Capsicum Raita

Capsicum Raita or Mirch of Shimla raita a simple and original recipe for raita is provided. Unlike regular tomato or cucumber raita, this one is unique. This raita tastes fantastic with a little crunch and flavour from the capsicum, which is also easily prepared with few ingredients. One can incorporate red and yellow capsicum to give it a more vibrant and lively appearance.

10. Raita Burhani

A velvety Raita from the cuisine of Hyderabad. Garlic and roasted cumin seeds are used to flavour this, one of the most popular raitas. You can smooth out the yoghurt by whipping it. It smells really good. A delicious and simple Raita.Pairs excellently with fiery biryani from Hyderabad. The perfect flavour when served cold. A delicious delight without comparison.

Raita is created using a variety of fruits and vegetables and can be sweet, sour, spicy, or fruity. It can be flavoured by adding various herbs and spices. Raita is typically eaten with parathas, pulao, and biryani. You can now prepare a delicious cold side dish.