15 Best Restaurants In Andheri East That Are A Must-Visit!
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Mumbai has some of the best eateries in the country, and the one area with some really good restaurants is Andheri east. This is a well-developed industrial, commercial and residential area. Due to its proximity to the Mumbai International airport, there is a huge rise in all kinds of eateries. You will find all kinds of restaurants that satisfy your need and craving!

If you want to dance the night off, have a simple dinner with your friends, family, or loved ones, or just try something new, you’ve got it.

Check out the top restaurants in Andheri that you ought to try!

1. 1522 – Bar and Kitchen

Do you want to enjoy some live music along with lip-smacking food? Or enjoy the view from the rooftop with your loved ones and just be lost in the moment? Or just want to have a simple drink and have a pleasant time? Then you’ve come to the right place! The place has a range of food, an amazing ambiance, and a rooftop view. 

USP Dishes: Chicken ghee roast and Mezze Platter

Timing: 12 PM – 1 AM

Address: Plot 21 - 34, 2nd Floor, Saffron House, MIDC, Central Road, Mahakali, Mumbai - 400093

How to reach: Goldfinch hotel

Cost for two: INR 1,800 (without alcohol)

2. Ummrao

Based on the rich heritage of the cuisine of Nawabs of Awadh with a blend of some traditional royal kitchens, this place is a must-try if you truly want to enjoy the food of the Nawabs! This North Indian restaurant is best for organizing special events and enjoying some authentic north Indian dishes along with a sophisticated ambiance with comfortable seating. 

USP Dishes: Haleem, Kebabs

Timing: 6.30 PM – 11 PM

Address: CTS 215, Andheri Kurla Road, Chakala, Mumbai - 400069

How to reach: Courtyard by Marriott, Chakala

Cost for two: INR 2,500 (without alcohol)


Another one on the sophisticated dining list is this restaurant. If you want to enjoy some exquisite Asian cuisines truly, they have a range of them! You name it, from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia! The service is incredible, with a much calm and serene ambiance, an ideal place to savor the food and spend some quality time with your loved one!

USP Dishes: Sushi, Dumplings

Timing: 12 PM – 3 PM, 7 PM – 11.30 PM

Address: Sahar Road, Chakala, Mumbai - 400047

How to reach: ITC Maratha

Cost for two: INR 7,000 (without alcohol)

4. Hybrid Theory Café and Bar

If you are a coffee hopper or want a simple brunch with your other half, you’ve come to the right place! It is a very simple, cozy, and quiet place to enjoy food with an outdoor seating area. You can spend time and chill with your friends, colleagues, and partner. Do visit this one if you are around the area.

USP Dishes: Tiramisu coffee, cheesecake

Timing: 9 AM – 1 AM

Address: Unit-1, Ground Floor, Near Balaji Business Park, Marol, Mumbai - 400059

How to reach: Close to FabHotel Prime

Cost for two: INR 1,600 (without alcohol)

5. Persian Darbar

Another place that will make you feel in the presence of royalty is Persian Darbar. It has a grand ambiance in an Afghani style decorated with Royal Persian paintings. What’s more, you can enjoy and savor some traditional Mughlai food, seafood, and lip-smacking biryani!

USP Dishes: Mutton Platter, Mughlai Chicken

Timing: 10 AM – 3 AM

Address: B 3, Times Square, B Wing, Andheri East, Andheri Kurla Road, Marol, Mumbai – 400059

How to reach: Near Times Square building

Cost for two: INR 1,800

6. Opa! Bar & Café 

Another rooftop bar in Peninsula hotel is one of the very well-known restaurants where you can enjoy some live music and dance your heart out with an amazing DJ, and its happy hours!

Its menu is also unique, with some delicious Lebanese, Middle Eastern, and Arabian dishes to try out and experience new tastes for your tongue. Visit this place and party away with your friends!

USP Dishes: Bellini, Saffron Rice

Timing: 5 PM – 1.30 AM

Address: Ground Floor To 7th Floor Terrace, Silver Monument, 90 Feet Road, Sakinaka, Mumbai - 400072

How to reach: The Peninsula Grand Hotel

Cost for two: INR 4,000

7. Global Fusion

A giant fish tank surrounds the seating area with an elegant ambiance and layout. It’s a family-friendly place with a buffet and will give you an experience of luxury dining. You can certainly choose this place for your next family function.

USP Dishes: Chocolate Opium, Tuna Sushi

Timing: 12 PM – 3.30 PM, 7 PM – 11.30 PM

Address: B-1 Times Square Building Near Marol Metro Station, Andheri - Kurla Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

How to reach: Marol Metro Station

Cost for two: INR 3,000 (without alcohol)

8. Solitaire Restaurant

Looking for a place to spend some quiet, quality time with your partner? You’ve come to the right place. Also, enjoy some live singing, live music, and great hospitality. Have a relaxing evening with your other half and rekindle the love at this romantic place while having delicious food.

USP Dishes: Sushi, Fish

Timing: 12.30 PM – 2.15 AM, 

Address: Andheri - Kurla Rd, Dr. Charatsingh Colony, S B Singh Colony, J B Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

How to reach: Chakala Metro Station

Cost for two: INR 3,000 (without alcohol)

9. Coco Café 

Hello, my fellow chocolate lovers! Eager to try out some new desserts, milkshakes, cakes, and much more? Then do head out to this cute and quirky café in Sakinaka! Finger-licking chocolate waffles, tarts, hot chocolate – you will drown in chocolate here. So what are you waiting for? Go and satisfy your craving now!

USP Dishes: Godiva hazelnut coffee tart, Godiva hot chocolate

Timing: 12 AM – 12 PM

Address: Terminal 2, Domestic Departure, CSMIA, Sakinaka, Mumbai - 400099

How to reach: Mumbai airport

Cost for two: INR 1,200

10. Fiona

This is another sophisticated place in Radisson Blu Hotel with top-notch quality and service with a beautiful and positive ambiance that will give you a soothing experience. Also, enjoy some Sunday brunch buffets at affordable prices, serving some traditional north Indian, continental, and Italian cuisines. You’ll definitely have a smile on your face when you leave this place!

USP Dishes: 

Timing: 7 AM – 11 PM

Address: CTS 624 & 626, Marol Maroshi Road, Marol, Mumbai - 400059

How to reach: Radisson Blu Mumbai

Cost for two: INR 3,000

11. Dakshin Coastal – ITC Maratha  

The restaurant provides a luxurious dining experience. The place exhibits unique coastal cuisines. It has a vibrant and inviting ambiance with contemporary décor and warm lighting. The menu comprises dishes hailing from coastal areas of South India namely Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. The chefs use traditional cooking techniques. Popular items include poppadums, stew, appam, and others.  

USP Dishes: Poppadums, Stew, Appam, Chutneys, Idli, Seafood  

Timings: Mon-Sat: 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM; Sun: 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM; 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM  

Address: ITC Maratha, Sahar Road, Andheri East, Chakala, Mumbai  

How to reach: ITC Maratha  

Cost for two: Rs 8,000  

12. Peshawar – ITC Maratha  

This restaurant serves exquisite North-West Frontier cuisine. The restaurant is known for authentic flavours and spices which are blended to create a delicious and exceptional taste. The place provides a warm and inviting ambiance with traditional décor. The menu spread ranges from traditional curries to tandoori kababs. Some of its popular items include Sikandari Raan, Mutton Raan, Onion Kulchaa, and others. 

USP Dishes: Sikandari Raan, Mutton Raan, Onion Kulcha, Ras Malai, Daal Makhani, Phirni  

Timings: 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM; 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM  

Address: ITC Maratha, Sahar Road, Chakala, Mumbai  

How to reach: ITC Maratha  

Cost for two: Rs 8,500  

13. The Brasserie  

Located in the Hilton Mumbai International Airport, the restaurant provides a wide range of national as well as international cuisines. The menu features Italian to Chinese to Continental. The place has a contemporary ambiance with a chic and warm atmosphere. Its popular food items include Salads, Chocolate Mousse, Dal Tadka, and others.  

USP Dishes: Murgh Malai Tikka, Tandoori Mugh, Tandoori Jhinga Kali Mirch, Caesar salad, barbecue chicken salad, Kathi Roll  

Timings: Mon-Sat: 7:00 AM to 11:30 PM; Sun: 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM  

Address: Hilton Mumbai International Airport, Sahar International Airport Road, Near Ascot Centre, Chakala, Mumbai  

How to reach: Hilton Mumbai International Airport  

Cost for two: Rs 3,500  

14. Solitaire Restaurant-Kohinoor Continental  

The restaurant provides a luxurious dining outlet with a wide range of delectable cuisines. It is considered to be the perfect place to enjoy with family and friends. Ranging from Indian cuisine, the place also provides Chinese, Continental, and other cuisines. It exudes a pleasant, warm, and inviting atmosphere. It specializes in Watermelon Feta, Rocca Leaves Salad, Naam, Rajasthani Laal Maas Biriyani, and others.  

USP Dishes: Prawn Balchao Shrimp Taco, Dal Khichdi, Rajasthani Lal Maas Biryani, Zyantuni Khubani Bhare Kumbh, Cheese Jalapeno Stuffed Paneer Gulnar  

Timings: 12:00 Midnight to 1:00 AM; 12:30 PM to 12:00 Midnight  

Address: Near Chakala Metro Station, Andheri Kurla Road, Chakala, Mumbai  

How to reach: Near Chakala Metro Station  

Cost for two: Rs 3,000  

15. Spice of China  

The restaurant provides a casual dining experience, serving various Chinese dishes from traditional to modern. It has a cozy ambiance with a warm and inviting atmosphere. From appetizers to soups and main course to desserts, the menu features a wide range of dishes. Its popular items include Roasted Pork, Mixed Fried Rice, Paneer Manchurian and others.  

USP Dishes: Roasted Pork, Mixed Fried Rice, Paneer Manchurian, Sizzlers, Hakka Noodles, Sou  

Timings: Mon, Wed-Sun: 12:00 Noon to 3:30 PM; 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM; Tue: 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM  

Address: 26, Poonam Vihar A, Near Poonam Nagar, Mahakali, Mumbai  

How to reach: Near Poonam Nagar  

Cost for two: Rs 500  

Mumbai is known as a city of dreams for various reasons and so lives up to its reputation as one! You can certainly fulfill all your dreams of exploring and trying out all sorts of food in this hip and happening area of Mumbai that’s always buzzing with a view of flights flying over your head! If you are not a resident of Mumbai and are visiting here for a short while, do try out these places, which will give you a sense of Mumbai, and this list will be your guide. You will not be disappointed!