10 Best Spots For Paturi In Kolkata Recommended By City Foodies

Kolkata is known for many things, and one of those things is definitely the paturi. The traditional Bengali cooking technique that involves wrapping marinated fish in banana leaves and cooking them by steaming, not only imparts a unique flavour to the dish but also helps retain the moisture and aroma of the ingredients. Though ilish paturi is the OG dish in Bengali cuisine, it’s mostly made during the monsoon since hilsa is seasonal. Foodies in Kolkata savour the bhetki paturi year-round.

The process of making Paturi begins with preparing a flavorful marinade, often consisting of ingredients such as mustard paste, coconut, green chilies, spices, and sometimes yoghurt or poppy seeds. The main ingredient, whether fish, meat, or vegetables, is then coated in this marinade, allowing the flavours to infuse and penetrate.

Once marinated, the ingredient is wrapped in banana leaves, which serve as a natural casing. Many restaurants are exploring a baked paturi which also works great for delicate flavours. But which is the best spot for some amazing bhetki paturi in Kolkata? Here are some recommendations by local foodies.

6 Ballygunge Place,  Jadavpur Recommended by @livewithpritha

6 Ballygunge Place is usually one of the first names that come up whenever authentic Bengali food is being talked about. The chain of restaurants boasts a selection of elaborate and classic Bengali dishes, some of which are difficult to find in other traditional diners. Needless to say, their Bhetki Paturi is a must-try, featuring tender bhetki fillets marinated in a flavourful and zesty blend of mustard, coconut, and spices, wrapped in banana leaves, and cooked to perfection. 

Their bhetki paturi has generous portions and it’s not too spice-forward, so it appeals to everyone. fish is marinated in a mixture of mustard paste, yoghurt, and spices and then wrapped in a banana leaf or foil. The wrapped fish is then grilled or baked until cooked through and it’s then served with rice.

Aami Bangali, Jadavpur Recommended by @foodiemona

If you’re a fan of old-school paturi recipes, which have a fierce blend of spices and a dense gravy base, you’ll fall in love with Aami Bangal’s bhetki paturi. This restaurant which has outlets across the city and around Kolkata as well, uses a Kolkata seabass to make their Paturi. The fish is baked by wrapping in banana leaves along with generous doses of mustard paste and coconut paste. Their paturi has a truly flavourful finish and is ideal for anyone who loves their paturis spicy.

Kasturi, Gariahat Recommended by @snavlogsyt

Kasturi is known for its delectable line-up of Bengali dishes as well as some Bangladeshi specialities. The restaurant which was established in the nineties is known for a classic rendition of the paturi which is spicy and balanced, and a crowd-pleaser! Kasturi is particularly known for its steamed Bengali dishes and besides paturi, their kochu pata diye chingri is also a winner with their regulars.

Babu Culture, Ballygunge Recommended by @KishmishOfficial

Babu Culture has been garnering quite a bit of praise for their Bengali and Bangladeshi recipes and their menu features many forgotten and old recipes which are rarely seen on restaurant menus. Their paturi is ideal for foodies who love a fuss-free paturi that’s classic but not too spicy. Don’t miss out on their kosha mangsho and Borishali murgi bata.

Dipika'R Kitchen, Lake Town Recommended by @Drx.Banjara

This hideaway has garnered a lot of praise for its mouth-watering snacks like fish fry and ala kiev. The snack shop is one of the very few places in Kolkata which sells a delicious bhetki paturi at under Rs 150! It’s yummy, classic and quite hearty. Don’t miss out on their bhetki fusion fish roll and mutton egg devil.

Saptapadi, Purna Das Road Recommended by @MrsWondr

If you’ve never had paturi and aren’t too sure about where to look, head straight to Saptapadi for an old-timey, traditional paturi which will satisfy even the biggest purists. This heritage restaurant has been famed for its Rasun Vetki Paturi, which uses a boneless bhetki and cooks it in a mustard and coconut paste along with garlic, which adds to its depth. Pair it with their ‘amish jhuri’ platter and murgi chire chepta.

Bhojohori Manna, Esplanade Recommended by @RinisLifestyle01

Bhojohori Manna is best known for its flavourful traditional Bengali dishes. Their Bhetki Paturi is a crowd favourite, featuring succulent bhetki fillets marinated in a zesty mustard paste, wrapped in banana leaves, and cooked to tender perfection. Served with steamed rice and a side of traditional Bengali accompaniments, it's the total package!

Oh! Calcutta, Science City Area by @danishascookbook1923

At Oh! Calcutta the bhetki paturi is a standout number, showcasing the perfect balance of flavours and textures. Tender bhetki fillets are coated in a spicy mustard marinade, wrapped in banana leaves, and steamed to juicy perfection. Served with fragrant rice and a side of fresh chutney, this paturi has a vibrant finish which makes it so appealing. The mustard base is zesty and the fish is buttery to the touch and it’s just perfect!

Koshe Kosha, Golpark Recommended by @kolkatafoody

Though koshe kosha is best known for its signature kosha mangsho, this restaurant also serves a mean bhetki paturi. This number has a wholesome profile and its taste is quite thorough because the fish is marinated in mustard for hours. It also has some other spice notes which make the dish sharper and more appetising.

Aaheli - The Peerless Hotel, New Market Recommended by @adthecommonguy

Aaheli’s bhetki paturi is one of the most diner's most unmissable dishes and takes hours to make. The USP of this dish lies in its marination as the bhetki is marinated with poppy seed, mustard and green chilli, wrapped in banana leaf & steamed. This gives the paturi a sharper profile and some prominent spicy notes. You can also explore their ‘baspo santo bhetki’ which is a delectable bhetki preparation cooked in mustard.