10 Best Mango Mastani Places In Pune Recommended By City Foodies
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Summer in India is synonymous to mangoes, and everyone across India knows this. Some of us love relishing ripe mangoes in the form of cut fruits while others make ripe mango curries and beverages with the fruit. From Mango Lassis to simple Mango Milkshakes, there are plenty of mango beverages Indians love to indulge in. But if there is one ripe mango beverage in the country which is truly iconic, it is Mango Mastani from Pune, Maharashtra.  

If you aren’t familiar with what Mango Mastani is, then here goes. Imagine the thickest of milkshakes packed with more ripe, sweet mango pulp than milk. Now picture that mango milkshake in a tall glass, topped with mango ice cream, chopped mangoes, dry fruits and maybe even some whipped cream. Sounds like all your mango dreams just came true in a single glass, right? That’s precisely what Mango Mastani is: No ordinary mango drink but a full-on mango dessert in a single glass! 

Punekar food is known for its spicy Misal Pav and Mutton Bhakri, but during summers, the city and its people unite to celebrate mangoes with Mango Mastani. Given that Mango Mastani was reportedly dedicated to Pune’s ruler Peshwa Bajirao and his wife, Mastani, the beverage’s history is interlinked with the city’s culinary tapestry. 

But where in the city of Pune can a visitor find the best Mango Mastani to relish? Slurrp caught up with Pune-based foodies to get the lowdown on the best Mango Mastani places in Pune. Here are all their recommendations. 

Sujata Mastani, Sadashiv Peth; Recommended By Jerlyn D’Silva @jerlyndsilva 

One of the oldest and most iconic Mango Mastani places in Pune is Sujata Mastani—in fact, the beverage is supposed to have been invented there. “The history of Mango Mastani dates back to the 1960s when it was first created by Mr. Abdul Kader, the founder of Sujata Mastani House,” says Jerlyn. “Inspired by traditional Indian falooda and ice cream, Mr. Kader set out to create a unique fusion that would captivate taste buds and leave a lasting impression.”  

The iconic Mango Mastani place was named after Kader’s daughter, Sujata, and Jerlyn says that Sujata Mastani is an integral part of Pune’s food culture. “Over the years, Sujata Mastani has gained a cult following and several outlets dedicated solely to serving this beloved dessert have opened up in Pune and beyond. The original Sujata Mastani House continues to draw crowds, with people patiently waiting in line to savor their favorite flavors.” 

Must Try: Mango Mastani 

Price For Two: Rs 300 (approximately) 

Address: 1259, Rajivmama Kondhalkar Path, Near Nimbalkar Talim Chowk, Sadashiv Peth, Pune 

Savla Hari Pot Ice-Cream & Mastani, Nana Peth; Recommended By Ashray Patil @thefoodmonster_ 

This Pune eatery not only served some amazing Mango Mastani, but also a variety of ice creams too. Speaking about the Mango Mastani here, Ashray says it should not be missed. “The Mango Mastani is my all-time favorite in this joint and a must-have,” he says. “The thick mango pulp with mango ice-cream tastes so yummy! What’s more, a full glass of Mango Mastani here is quite filling. The ice creams at this place are also equally yummy and fresh.” 

Must Try: Mango Mastani, Mango Ice Cream 

Price For Two: Rs 300 (approximately) 

Address: 460, Nana Peth Rd, New Nana Peth, Ganesh Peth 

Khatri Bandhu Pot Ice-Cream & Mastani, Kharadi; Recommended By Deepika Khatri @leogirldeepika 

Relatively new and yet impactful, Khatri Bandhu is one of the best places in Pune for Mango Mastani. “My experience at Khatri Bandhu of Mango Mastani was absolutely delightful,” says Deepika. “The rich and creamy texture of the Mango Mastani was a true indulgence for my taste buds. The presentation was impeccable, and the generous topping of fresh mango chunks added a burst of fruity flavor. The friendly staff and cozy ambiance made it a perfect spot to savor this heavenly treat.” 

Must Try: Mango Mastani, Sitaphal Mastani 

Price For Two: Rs 200 (approximately) 

Address: Parmar Square, 02, Kharadi Rd, Near More Super Market, Back side of Reliance Mall, Rakshak Nagar, Kharadi, Pune 

Sharma Ice Cream & Pav Bhaji, Nigdi; Recommended By Ashray Patil @thefoodmonster_ 

Clearly one of the best places for Mango Mastani in Pune, Sharma’s serves an authentic version of the dish. “What I’ve ordered here time and again is Sharma's Special Mango Dry Fruits Mastani, which is a combination of thick mango milk shake with a dollop of mango ice cream and dry fruits to top it off,” says Ashray. “However, the quality in terms of the regular Mango Mastani over here has declined somewhat in the last few years as the place has become more popular. So best to order a fully loaded Mango Mastani here.” 

Must Try: Special Mango Dry Fruits Mastani 

Price For Two: Rs 200 (approximately) 

Address: Sector 25 Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune 

Gujjar Cold Drink House, Budhwar Peth; Recommended By Siddhesh Shete @ workaholic.foodie 

One of the oldest Mango Mastani places in Pune, this one is as iconic as Sujata Mastani. “Gujjar was established in 1923 and holds a special place Punekars’ heart,” says Siddhesh. “Their commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every sip. The Mango Mastani, in particular, has stolen my heart. It is the ideal choice for beating the summer heat, offering a refreshing and indulgent experience. The combination of mango, ice cream, and dry fruits creates a symphony of flavors that will make you exclaim 'mast' with every sip.”  

Must Try: Bajirao Mastani, Mango Falooda 

Price For Two: Rs 240 (approximately) 

Address: 1056, Saind Path, Budhwar Peth, Pune 

Kaware Cold Drink House, Tulsibaug; Recommended By Sheeba Maheshwari @cheesygirl7 

Located in a shopping hub, this place is a must-visit while you are on a shopping spree, says Sheeba. “Whenever I go to Tulsibaug for shopping I can't resist a visit to Kaware,” she says."This place is perfect combination of quality, taste, price and location. Their Mango Mastani is simply amazing in flavour. It is topped with plenty of mango ice cream and makes for the perfect treat for mango lovers during a hot afternoon.” She adds that the staff here is really friendly and the service is very prompt. 

Must Try: Mango Mastani, Cold Coffee with Ice Cream 

Price For Two: Rs 300 (approximately) 

Address: 75, Tulshibaug Internal Rd, Tulshibaug, Budhwar Peth, Pune 

Kondhalkar Mastani House, Sadashiv Peth; Recommended By Siddhesh Shete @ workaholic.foodie 

Neighbours to the iconic Sujata Mastani, Kondhalkar Mastani House is an offshoot started by someone from the same family as the owners of the former. “They offer a similar array of delicious Mastani flavors as Sujata, but the added advantage here is that you won't have to endure long queues or worry about carrying cash for payment,” says Siddhesh. “If you're tired and in no mood to wait for your Mastani fix, this is the place to go. Moreover, this outlet is open even on Mondays, so you can unwind and enjoy a chilled Mastani on a Monday evening. The heavenly taste of creamy ice cream, luscious fruit flavors, and delightful toppings that make every sip of Mastani an unforgettable experience.” 

Must Try: Special Kesar Mango Mastani 

Price For Two: Rs 300 (approximately) 

Address: 969, Sadashiv Peth, Pune 

Falahaar, Viman Nagar; Recommended By Sheeba Maheshwari @cheesygirl7 

This Punekar favourite has many branches across the city and offers delicious Mango Mastani along with other beverages and local dishes. “When at Falahaar, Mango Mastani  is a must try,” says Sheeba. “When I ordered the Mango Mastani here, there were fresh, sweet mango pieces in the Mango Mastani and the beverage had the right amount of thickness. I totally loved it! It's a cozy little space with a decent sitting arrangement too.” Because this is an upscaled place in one of the poshest areas of the city, Falahaar offers one of the most expensive Mango Mastanis in town at a whopping Rs 265. 

Must Try: Mango Mastani, Kesar Faloods 

Price For Two: Rs 500 (approximately) 

Address: 10, Royal Towers, Near Shree Krishna, Viman Nagar, Pune 

Polar Bear Ice Cream Sundaes, Pimple Saudagar; Recommended By Mamta Fasge @_bonappetitebaby_ 

The perfect place for everybody who loves sundaes and ice creams, Polar Bear is a must-visit place in Pune. “The Mango Mastani here is really good,” says Mamta. “I’ve tried all the traditional places in Pune for Mango Mastani but this one is different. The quality is up to the mark and provides best value for the price. The place also offers fusion desserts and has a pretty café vibe. This is the right place to hang out with your friends over a few glasses of Mango Mastani.” 

Must Try: Mango Chilli Sorbet, Death By Chocolate 

Price For Two: Rs 200 (approximately) 

Address: Rajaveer Palace Wing-K, Shivar Garden Road, Rajaveer Palace Phase 1, Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune 

Sanjivani Ice Cream Parlor, Nigdi; Recommended By Abhishek Hajare @punefoodtales_ 

One of the best places for Mango Mastani in Pune’s Pimpri-Chinchwad area, Sanjivani has a lot to offer. “The Mango Mastani here is a creamy delight and a must-have, but their Faloodas are great too,” says Abhishek. “The quantity is very good and worth the price. The place gets really crowded in the evenings and the rush lasts till night, which shows just how well-received their Mango Mastani is. Sanjivani also has a variety of ice creams made in-house, so give those a try as well.” 

Must Try: Mango Mastani, Mawa Mastani, Anjeer Ice Cream 

Price For Two: Rs 200 (approximately) 

Address: MQ4C+Q9W, Sant Dyaneshwar Chowk, near Grahak Bazar, Sector 25, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pune