Top 7 Restaurants In Kammanahalli Bengaluru Worth Giving A Shot
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Kammanahalli is one of the liveliest parts of Bangalore, with its great eateries and young crowd. The cosmopolitan population here enjoys traditional food as much as it loves the unconventional and the new. It is no surprise then that this part of Bangalore has many good restaurants where families can enjoy a wholesome dinner with great food, ambience, and hospitality. Here are our picks for the best family restaurants in Kammanahalli:  

1.    Connie's Steakhouse & Wine Bar 

Connie’s Steakhouse & Wine Bar located at St Thomas Town, Kammanahalli, is one of the best steakhouses in Bengaluru. The chefs of Connie’s try their utmost to serve customers delicious chicken steaks, pork ribs, and pork burgers. Apart from it, for desserts, they also serve chocolate waffles, brownies, and chocolate fudge. And once you’re there, you probably wouldn’t like to miss out on the delicious port wine, Spanish sangria or whiskey. Prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity you receive. 

USP Dish- Jack Daniel Steak

Timing: Friday - Sunday: 9 am- 11 pm

Monday- Thursday: 11 am- 11 pm

Available Cuisines- Continental and American

Type- Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served- Breakfast, Lunch, and Breakfast

Location- 305, Nehru Rd, 3rd Block, St Thomas Town, Kammanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560084

Cost for two- Rs.1,800 without alcohol (Mid-range)

2.    Brewklyn Microbrewery

Brewklyn Microbrewery is one of the city's greatest microbreweries, and provides the best-brewed beers as well as a variety of other beverages, cocktails, and spirits. It offers a stunning and sophisticated ambience that makes the experience worthwhile. Along with it, the microbrewery also provides a few games, a screening room, and live music performances to enhance the dining experience. 

Good Bartenders are a must, and undoubtedly Brewkelyn Microbrewey is known for it. Apart from it, Microbrewery is also known for its brick-walled NYC-style location, great service, handcrafted beers, and continental meals.

USP Dish: Artichoke Pizza

Timing: Monday -Friday: 12 noon – 12 midnight

Saturday-Sunday: 12 midnight – 1 am; 12 noon– 12 midnight

Available Cuisines- Continental

Type- Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served-  Lunch and Dinner

LocationB.R Plaza, 30, CMR Main Rd, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Cost for two-Rs.2,500 with alcohol (Mid-range)

3.    Mainland China

Mainland China has numerous outlets in Bangalore, and each one of them is famous for different reasons, however, this outlet is famous for its fancy Chinese menu at an affordable price. Mainland China has gained a reputation as an ideal location for company lunches as well as family gatherings. 

One well-known fact about Mainland China, as mentioned before, is that it provides high-quality Chinese food at reasonable prices. If you don't want to strain your wallet while enjoying mouthwatering real Chinese cuisine, this restaurant is among your best options. The ample seating area is great for larger groups, an option worth considering if you’re keen on buffets. Mainland China’s buffet is one of the most popular options among regulars.

USP Dish- Tempura Prawns

Timing: Monday-Sunday:12 noon – 3:30 pm, 7 pm – 11 pm

Available Cuisines- Asian

Type- Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served- Lunch and Dinner

Location-430, 5th A Cross Rd, HRBR Layout 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Cost for two- Rs.2,000 without alcohol (Mid-range)

4.    AB's - Absolute Barbecues

AB's - Absolute Barbecues is a buffet restaurant where you can go with your family and friends, which specialises in BBQ variants, Indian cuisine, unusual meats, continental specialities, and mouthwatering desserts. Absolute Barbecue is ideal for those with a big appetite because it offers a basic atmosphere and comfy dining space. You’ll also love their barbecues, which are some of the best in the city, especially the famous live grill. Most of AB's outlets normally provide you with a certain number of meals, meat, and vegetable options just for wish-grill, so that you can come and have your food personalised any way you like.

USP Dish- Seafood

Timing: Monday-Sunday: 10:30 am- 11 am

Available Cuisines- Indian and Continental

Type- Veg and non-veg

Meals Served- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Location-2nd floor, Roseline Landmark, Plot no 5BC112/5AC113, 5th B Cross Rd, HRBR Layout 3rd Block, Kalyan Nagar,Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Cost for two- Rs.1,600 (Mid-range)

5.    Float Brewery

Located at HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Float Brewery is a must-go for its elegant furnishings, electrifying atmosphere, wide selection of alcoholic beverages, delectable cuisine, and the list goes on. The restaurant has a bright atmosphere and lovely interiors. Float Brewery is known for its live entertainment, great ambience, and a rooftop view that, at night, makes it worth the visit. Apart from that, it is known for its excellent service, thanks to the welcoming and courteous staff . 

USP Dish:Chengdu Chicken

Timing: 12 PM to 12 AM

Available Cuisines: Indian, Asian, and Continental

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Location-HRBR Layout 1st Block, HRBR Layout,  Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Cost for two-Rs.2,500 with alcohol (Mid-range)

6.    BYLI - Bet You Love It!

A truly outstanding cafe with stunning decor that may transform your mood, They provide delicious and reasonably priced Mexican, Continental, Italian, and Asian meals. BYLI is known for its quiet and peaceful ambience. BYLI uses music well to enhance your dining experience, so much so that many regulars drop in for the fabulous music playlists as much as they do for the food.

USP Dish:Pasta Carbonara

Timing: Monday-Sunday:8:30am – 11 pm

Available Cuisines: Mexican, Asian, and Continental

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Location G-1/2, First Avenue, 5th Main Rd, HBR Layout 2nd Block, 

HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Cost for two-Rs.950 (Budget-friendly)

7.    Onesta

Onesta is a pizza and bakery that offers delicious meals in a cosy setting. This place is great for trying out as many different kinds of pizza as you like! There are several choices available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The customers can relax and unwind in this space thanks to the trendy décor and unique ambience. Onesta is popular for its amazing hospitality and great environment. Not to forget, it is also a favorite with the younger crowd for its delicious desserts.

USP Dish: Ricotta Ravioli, Berry Blast

Timing: Monday-Friday:12midnight – 3 am, 10 am – 12midnight

Saturday-Sunday:12midnight – 3 am, 10 am – 12midnight

Available Cuisines: Italian

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

LocationNo.414, 4th Floor, 7th main road, HRBR, 1st Block Extension, opp. Banaswadi Club, Kammanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Cost for two- Rs.700 (Budget-friendly)