Viral: The Shahi Rolls Of Indore Are All The Rage On The Internet; Seen It Yet?
Image Credit: YouTube @Indiaeatmania

We often feel that much so much attention is given to the so-called ‘tussle’ between Delhi and Mumbai, and which city has the best street food, that we often tend to overlook countless unique delicacies that other cities have on offer. Besides being the cleanest city, Indore is also known to be the city of hardcore foodies. Did you know the ‘56 Dukan’ in Indore, has a whopping fifty-six street food shops and restaurants, all lined up together? The market is also known as Sarafa Bazar; during the daytime, it is an ideal place to shop some jewellery and by night, it transforms into this lovely street food court. And yes, there are plenty of dishes to try here apart from the standard poha-jalebi, like baked samosa, garadu ki chaat, bhutte ki khees, dal bafla, khopra patties, egg benjo etc.  

Another street food item from Sarafa Bazar that is going viral on YouTube thanks to a video shot by India Eat Mania. The video has clocked in more than 11 million views in 12 days and it will surely leave you gobsmacked as well. The rolls are nothing like Kathi rolls of Kolkata. It is replete with processed cheese cottage cheese and cheese sauce. Drooling much? Additionally, it is also filled with finely chopped veggies that give a nice crunch to the roll.  

In the video, we can see a man place rotis on a hot pan that has adequately been greased with salted butter. On the roti, he adds tomato ketchup and an orange gravy, which he calls ‘kacche tamatar ki gravy’. He also explained how he makes the gravy in the video. To make the thick gravy, he roasts raw tomatoes on gas atop an inverted jaali or meshed stand. Once the gravy and the ketchup are nicely spread on the roti, he places a slice of cheese, which is followed by a drizzle of liquid cheese, and the vegetables. The vegetables comprise finely chopped sweet corns, capsicum and tomatoes, they are neatly placed in the centre of roti. “There are rolls with cabbage, Manchurian and noodles too”, he can be heard saying in the video on the type of rolls there are. On top of the veggies, he adds some more liquid cheese, grated paneer, sliced beetroot and carrots. Next, is some mustard sauce whipped with chaat masala and black pepper, which is followed by some more cheese sauce. Everything is neatly rolled together and served hot.  Watch the video here.

The Shahi rolls are grabbing a lot of eyeballs on the internet, the comments section is filled with a range of reactions, most of whom were impressed by the vendor’s humble nature.  “It’s so great to see him give credit to his wife for helping him out with his work”, wrote a user. There were plenty of funny reactions too, “cheese be like: kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai”, read another comment that was a play on Sacred Game’s famous dialogue by Nawazuddin Sidiqqui.