Slurrp Exclusive: The Biryani House Shares Recipe Of Their Latest ‘Biryani Roll’

With two pieces or three, more rice or less, spicy or mild, no matter how you like your Biryani, there are only a handful of dishes that can hold a candle to this one-pot delicacy. Even though Biryani is not native to India, it has found many regional counterparts like Kolkata Biryani, known for its use of potatoes in the dish or the Bhatkali Biryani of Karnataka, renowned for its heat. Biryani, made from two Persian words, ‘Birinj’ (rice) and ‘Biriyan’(fried), arrived in India with the Mughals the legends say. It found a firm place on the plate of the Royals, with time however, it also got prevalent among the common folk. Many historians state that it is inaccurate to call Biryani ‘a feast fit for royalty', given its significance among ordinary people, their festivals and their special occasions. People who did not always have the premium ingredients associated with the dish but adapted the dish accordingly with whatever was available.

The sudden surge of Biryani chains in the capital city also proves the overwhelming love for the dish that has managed to transcend many boundaries. How else would you explain the many ‘vegetarian’ and ‘low-fat’ versions of the dish that you find in their menus? Another rather peculiar dish we spotted on the menu of The Biryani House recently was that of a ‘Biryani roll’, it is the restaurant's latest offering, which is creating quite a few ripples among the foodies of Delhi. The snack primarily comprises a tortilla bread stuffed with chicken dum biryani tossed up with heaps of mozzarella cheese, jalapeno pepper, onions, green chillies, chipotle sauce, and mint sauce.

The concept may remind you of the Mexican Burritos that is filled with rice, kidney beans, veggies, and various sauces. However, there is something intensely Desi about the dish that is undoubtedly impressive. The rolls are also much slender in comparison and deep-fried so expect a lot of crispness.

We found out the exclusive recipe of the ‘Biryani Roll’ by chef by the Executive Chef of the Biryani House, chef Vivek Bhuinjkar. Here goes:


  • Chicken/Veg Dum Biryani 100 grams
  • Tortilla Bread 1
  • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 10 grams
  • Jalapeno Pepper 3 grams
  • Sliced Onions 10
  • Chopped Green Chillies 3
  • Mint Mayo 5 grams
  • Chipotle Sauce 10 grams
  • Refined Oil (For Frying) As Required


  1. Grab a bowl and whisk and egg in it
  2. Now take a tortilla bread spread it on a flat surface
  3. Slather over some mint mayo and chipotle sauce
  4. Next, take some dum biryani and place it on the centre of the tortilla bread.
  5. Throw in some sliced onions on the top of chicken biryani.
  6. Now sprinkle green chilli and jalapeno peppers.
  7. Get hold of a brush and apply beaten eggs on the sides of tortilla bread
  8. Roll up the bread.
  9. Deep fry the rolls in oil. The ideal temperature of the oil should be around 130 to 150 degrees celsius.
  10. Fry till the rolls turn golden brown
  11. Serve with any dip you like.