These meals are renowned for their strong flavours, which are frequently achieved by adding aromatic spices like mustard oil and green chilies. The following are some varieties of bhorta that are frequently eaten in Bengali cuisine:

1. Sorshe Bata Diye Ilish Bhorta: A traditional Bengali dish called "Sorshe Bata Diye Ilish Bhorta" honours the flavorful and rich hilsa fish (ilish). This dish, which combines the distinct flavours of mustard seeds (sorshe bata) with the richness of hilsa fish, green chilies, and onion, is well-known for its strong flavour. Bengali cuisine places a great value on hilsa fish, and meals like Sorshe Bata Diye Ilish Bhorta are frequently made for special occasions. Hilsa is a dish that is highly anticipated during the monsoon season because it is frequently available during this time. This dish, with its celebration of local ingredients like hilsa and mustard, is a testament to the complex flavours and culinary artistry that define Bengali cuisine.

2. Shutki Bhorta: In Bengali cuisine, "Shutki Bhorta" has great cultural and culinary significance. Bhorta is a mashed or pounded preparation, and shutki is dried and fermented fish. This dish celebrates a robust and traditional flavour profile, which reflects the Bengali community's culinary preferences. Fish can be preserved for extended periods of time by drying and fermenting it, which enables Bengalis to enjoy fish even during seasons when fresh fish might not be easily accessible. The flavour of Shutki Bhorta is well-known for being strong and aromatic. The fish's flavour is enhanced by the drying and fermentation processes, producing a distinctive culinary experience. Several varieties of dried fish can be used to make Shutki Bhorta, and each one adds a distinct flavour and texture. When the flavour of shutki is added with red chilli, onion and musterd oil  it serves with a great flavour.

3. Begun Bhorta: In Bengali cuisine, begun bhorta is more than just a dish; it's a cultural emblem of local flavours, culinary skill, and a bond with the land. It is prized for both its role in maintaining cultural heritage and its rich, robust flavours, which embody the essence of Bengali culinary traditions. The secret to creating the perfect Begun Bhorta is to roast or fry the eggplants to perfection and then use herbs and spices to balance the flavours. For many cooks, it is a source of pride and culinary skill. This is a comfort food for all the Bengali’s , served with steamed rice , it can be a part of the daily meal .

4. Kochu Bhorta: In Bengali cooking, "Kochu Bhorta" is significant; kochu is the term for taro or colocasia. A traditional Bengali dish called bhorta is made by pounding or mashing a variety of ingredients into a flavorful paste. Rice is the main ingredient in most Bengali meals, and Kochu Bhorta is a delectable side dish. Taro's starchy texture pairs nicely with the rice. Bengali food has many variations and unique regional characteristics. As a component of this culinary scene, Kochu Bhorta adds to the diverse range of flavours and cuisines that are associated with Bengal.  More than just a meal, Kochu Bhorta embodies Bengal's regional, culinary, and cultural identities. The process of preparing and relishing it is intrinsic to Bengali cuisine and adds to the richness in the dish.

5. Dal Bhorta: The Indian subcontinent's favourite and culturally significant dish is daal bohra. It is a testament to the significance of lentils and their adaptability in a range of tasty and satisfying dishes, embodying the essence of Indian and Bangladeshi culinary traditions. Bangladesh and India have a vast array of lentil varieties, and various kinds are combined to make inventive Dal Bhorta dishes. This variety gives the dish more complexity and adaptability. Dal Bhorta is a symbol for the transmission of ancient recipes and the preservation of culinary customs from one generation to the next. It is a means of preserving and honouring cultural heritage. This is a comfort meal that can be taken each day.

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6. Posto Bhorta: A traditional Bengali dish called "Posto Bhorta" is very important to Bengali culture and cuisine. The dish is renowned for its distinct flavour profile and is a celebration of posto, or poppy seeds. Poppy seeds are a common ingredient in Bengali cuisine, which is where Posto Bhorta gets its roots. This dish exemplifies how Bengali cooks creatively utilise ingredients that are readily available to them. Bengali posto, or poppy seeds, are a versatile ingredient in Bengali cooking. They are added to food in a variety of forms, such as paste, to give it a nutty, slightly sweet taste. Bengal's rich cultural identity includes Posto Bhorta. It showcases the innovative thinking and unique tastes of Bengali chefs who have been utilising poppy seeds.

7. Dhonepata Bhorta:  In Bengali cuisine, Dhonepatar Bhorta is more than just a dish—it's a celebration of the flavorful, vibrant coriander leaves. Bengali cuisine and cultural traditions are intrinsically linked to the preparation and consumption of this dish. Even though Dhonepatar Bhorta is a traditional dish, it can be modified for use in contemporary cooking settings. Home cooks and chefs can play around with variations or use Dhonepatar Bhorta's flavours in modern recipes. Bhortas are often associated with comfort food, one of which is Dhonepatar Bhorta. Fresh ingredient mashing and combining can be a calming process, and the food that is produced is comforting and well-known.

8.Mulo Bhorta: Mulo Bhorta is a straightforward but flavorful dish that combines the spicy flavours of onions and green chilies with the natural sweetness of radishes. It's a traditional Bengali dish that complements a Bengali meal well with its harmony of freshness and spice. You can eat Mulo Bhorta as an appetiser or as a side dish with your main course. It goes nicely with bread, roti, or rice. Roast or boil the radishes, then combine them with the onion, green chilies, and additional spices. This is a treat of a simple dish in this cuisine.

9. Chingri Bhorta: A classic Bengali dish, chingri bhorta is categorised as "bhorta," which means mashed or pounded preparations. Shrimp (chingri) are cooked and mashed to make a spicy and flavorful paste for this recipe. Bengali food is enhanced by the flavour of Chingri Bhorta, which is renowned for being strong and fiery. Its distinct flavour comes from the use of mustard oil and the blending of prawns with flavorful spices.  The spices like red chilli, onion, fresh coriander provides it the taste, mostly served with steamed rice. Can be a daily meal partner in Bengali household.