Ukdiche Modak | Slurrp Presents Sweet Tooth | HT Lifestyle

Ukdiche Modak is an Indian dessert which is made for those who have a sweet tooth and love steamed delicacies. The word Ukdiche means 'steamed', and the origin of this dish is inspired by different Asian cultures like Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, etc. where steamed food is eaten more. Also, Modaks are sweet dumplings which are inspired from Chinese cuisine and historians claim that they were invented by Zhang Zhongjing, a Chinese medicine practitioner, and then became one of the favourite foods of Gautam Buddha. Eventually it was made part of the meals of Buddhist monks and today, it is distributed as Prasada in many Maharashtrian Ganpati temples. 

It is believed by many devotees that the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is incomplete without offering Ukdiche Modaks to their Lord Ganesha. If we talk about its taste and texture, Ukdiche Modak is made of rice flour or wheat, grated coconut and jaggery, and it melts in the mouth leaving a soft and sweet taste on palates. If you are wondering how much time it will take and what is its level of difficulty then we ensure that it takes an intermediate level cook about an hour to prepare around a dozen Modaks and serve them to their loved ones and enjoy.