Tamarind Rice | Slurrp Presents Grandma's Recipes

Tamarind Rice, better known as Pulihora or Puliyogare, is a South Indian staple dish which is made with white rice and tamarind paste. The name Pulihora is derived from Puli, a South Indian word meaning 'tangy' which is directly associated with tamarind.  The dish has a vibrant history. It is believed that this dish was cooked in many temples as Prasadam around 300 B.C. and the surprising fact is that it is still distributed as Prasadam in temples across South India, especially in the state of Tamil Nadu. But this does not mean that it is only available in temples. 

In our times, the popularity of Tamarind Rice has crossed regional boundaries, and now it is served as a side dish in many restaurants, not only in South India but also in other Northern and Western regions. Now, if we move to its taste and preparation difficulty level then you should know that apart from being tangy, it is full of spices and its flavours can be enhanced by adding fenugreek, dried chillies, sesame oil and curry leaves. It is very easy to cook as any beginner in the kitchen can prepare it in just 30 to 40 minutes. The dish can be enjoyed at home or packed away for workplace lunches or travel meals.