Mango Phirnee | Mithais of India

You must have eaten the sweet, milky dessert called phirni on several occasions in your life. Served chilled, phirni has been a popular dessert for a long time and is relished by people of different cultures and cuisines, thus making it timeless. We have no idea where this dessert came from, no matter how much we enjoy it. According to a popular belief, phirni is said to have originated in the Middle East or ancient Persia, and it was invented by the Mughals.

The dessert is popular owing to the flavour of the nutty, rich, creamy, and aromatic rice pudding. Notably, rice pudding is considered to be the basic recipe for phirni, and it was introduced by the Romans in Europe in the 17th century as a treatment for stomach ailments and digestive problems. Moreover, in China, phirni was called the "eight-jewel rice pudding."

Mango phirni is a delicious dessert made with rice pudding and mango puree. Mango phirni, primarily a summer dessert when mangoes are in season, appears at every festival and on every occasion. Besides being tasty, mango phirni has a lot of health benefits. Mangoes are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They provide Vitamin C, which helps in detoxing and clearing up your skin. Moreover, the milk used in phirni has healthy fats and proteins.

Thus, why waste time? Indulge in mango phirni this coming summer!