How To Make Softest Gulab Jamun | Slurrp Presents Sweet Tooth

One of the most-loved sweets of the Indians is Gulab Jamun. This traditional dessert has become a popular sweet for every festival and occasion in India. It is not only loved by Indians but also by people overseas like Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and even Mauritius. 

The dessert originated in India, somewhere around the medieval period. However, it originally hailed from Persia. The delicacy is similar to an Arabic dessert named Luqmat-Al-Qadi, which was introduced to India with the invasion of Mughal emperors. It is also believed that it was first prepared by the personal Persian chef of Shah Jahan.

The naming of Gulab Jamun has an interesting fact behind it. The word Gulab has been derived from the Persian word ‘gol’ and ‘ab’ respectively, which means flowers and water, which referred to rose water-scented syrup. The word Jamun is a Hindi-Urdu word for the popular Indian fruit Black Plum, which is almost the same shape and size as the dessert.