How To Make Rajbhog | Sweet Tooth

Rajbhog is a royal dessert which is not only made to serve those who have a sweet tooth but also those who love to taste richness. This delicacy is made with fresh and soft cottage cheese, dry fruits like pistachios, almonds and cashews, saffron and sugar syrup. Like this Indian dish, its history is also royal. Its name has come from royal courts as it consists of two words i.e. Raj (royal) and Bhog (edible). It is believed that in earlier times, Rajbhog was the special dessert for kings only and was not very affordable for general citizens. But today, it is available to everyone and it has become a part of numerous celebrations like festivals, wedding banquets, birthday parties, etc. If we talk about its taste then it is sweet, and dry fruits add richness to its taste. Its texture is similar to Bengali Rasgulla i.e. soft and melt-in-the-mouth. If you wonder how much time does it take to get prepared then we can ensure that an intermediate-level cook can prepare it in 40 to 50 minutes.