How to make Poha Cutlet | 101 Most Common Recipe's of India

Poha Cutlet is a popular Indian fusion snack which is made of Poha, also known as flattened or beaten rice, which contains various spices and vegetables. This dish is nothing but a palatable alignment of golden-fried and crispy patties which are usually served with different dips and chutneys like mayonnaise, tomato sauce and coriander or spinach chutney. 

Poha Cutlet is mostly loved by kids and they love to have it as not only their breakfast meal but also like to see it whenever they open that lunch box at school. But it doesn't mean that adults have no craze for this dish. 

Poha Cutlets are the companion of many cups of tea and coffee at innumerable Indian households. Apart from its crunchy texture and spicy taste, this dish also holds numerous health benefits which include being packed with iron, Vitamin A and C. If you want to know how much time this one-of-a-kind dish takes, then a beginner-level cook can easily prepare and enjoy it in around 30 minutes.