How To Make Payasam | Onam | Slurrp Presents Sweet Tooth

In India, Payasam or Kheer is not only a milk and rice or pulse-based dessert but also a prominent symbol of humbleness. Indeed it is plain, but one bowl of this ancient Buddhist-Jain dish can easily fill an empty stomach and heart with warmth. It is believed that Lord Buddha broke his seven-year fast by having a bowl of Payasam. From that day, this dish got its religious identity. 

There is one more story which revolves around its origin and claims that it is rooted in Kerala. This story starts with a chess game between Lord Krishna and the King of Ambalapuzha and ends with the King giving Payasam to every pilgrim present in Ambalapuzha temple on the order of the Lord. 

Apart from its historical significance, its taste is also a vital reason for why it is still made and served in numerous households, temples and even in restaurants. When the rich and creamy taste of sweetened milk and rice is enhanced by the fragrance of cardamom and saffron then nothing can compare this delicacy. If you wonder how much time this dish takes then an intermediate-level cook can prepare and serve it in only 50 minutes to 1 hour.