How To Make Masala Omelette | Slurrp Presents Global Chef

In most Indian households, the breakfast table demands a masala omelette. Although omelettes have been a popular breakfast dish in the Indian household along with a cup of chai, it has been popularly known in France and Britain since the Middle Ages. It is said that the idea first originated in Persia. Early European recipes instructed them to be fried from both sides just like our desi omelette.

For masala omelette, the egg needs to be beaten thoroughly till it becomes frothy. Besides, in many cases, milk is also added to the beaten eggs. There is an incorporation of a variety of spices in the masala omelette. From ground cumin and coriander to turmeric and chilli powder and garam masala, these spices add specific flavours to the masala omelette.

For the Indian masala omelette, the main ingredients include eggs, herbs, tomatoes, and onions. Also, grated cheese is sometimes put inside the omelette. The omelette can be also filled with shrimp or chicken flavoured with curry.