How To Make Makhana Kheer | Sweet Tooth

Makhana Kheer is a popular Indian dessert which is mostly consumed during fasting. It is specially made to celebrate religious occasions like Navratri and Ekadashi fastings.This sweet delicacy is majorly based on Makhana or fox nuts, and milk.

The origin of Makhana Kheer is still not defined but it is believed that this dish is the outcome of several experiments of Bihari people as Bihar is the largest producer of Makhana and no one can utilise this ingredient at its best other than the locals. 

To add fullness to Makhana Kheer you can add a good amount of ghee and dry fruits that are a hit in Indian households. Apart from being delicious, this dish also has many health benefits which include enhancement of antioxidants in the body and stabilising blood sugar levels. 

People also believe that it  can also work as an anti-aging enzyme. If you wonder how much time does it take to get prepared then we can ensure that a beginner-level cook can serve it in just 20 to 30 minutes.