How to Make Kaju Katli | Mithais of India

Kaju Katli is not only a famous dessert but so irresistible for Indians that you can easily find it in any region of any state in the country. Indeed, this cashew- and milk-based delicacy is Indian, but its exact region of origin is still not defined, and this makes it more lovable for the whole country. Its name consists of two words, "kaju," which means cashew, and "katli," which means thin slices made of thickened milk and sugar syrup.

If we talk about its variations, then if you add some threads of saffron to the milk and cashew paste, it becomes Kesar Kaju Katli. Apart from this, you can create more variations by adding different dry fruits, like almonds, pistachios, and nuts, to the paste.

Kaju Katli not only looks delicious after being adorned with silver varakh and cardamom powder, but its smooth and rich texture leaves an indelible impression on the palate. If you are an intermediate-level cook and looking for something that can add festivity to your family gathering, then you can prepare and serve Kaju Katli in just 30 to 40 minutes.