How to Make Idlizza | Slurrp Presents Try This Out

Idlizza is a fusion dish which is a mouthwatering combination of South Indian Idli and Italian Pizza. In India, both Idli and Pizza have a broad fan base. The fusion of both dishes is recently discovered by Indian cooks who never hesitate in exploring new ways of giving people foodgasms. We all know that due to their plain and mildly salted taste, Idlis are one of the most versatile dishes and in Idlizza, it is now playing the role of a base for the flavourful and spicy pizza topping.

Apart from being delicious, it can be eaten for its multiple health benefits as it is low in fat and high in vitamins, calcium and fibres. Where vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes and olives are full of Vitamin A and C, mozzarella cheese is a rich source of calcium and all of these are used to prepare the Idlizza topping. Also, this dish is quite easy to make, resource saving and time saving as it can be made with leftover Idlis. If you ask how difficult it is to make Idlizza then we ensure that a beginner-level cook can prepare and serve it in just 20 minutes.