How To Make Colourful Salad | Get Fit Food

As the name suggests, Colourful Salad is a beautiful combination of numerous healthy, fresh and colourful vegetables. If we dig into its history then the word 'salad' is derived from a Latin word 'sal' which means salt. In Rome, there was a culture to eat salted vegetables dressed with olive oil. But then, the French introduced this dish as 'Salade' and from here, the whole world started to call it 'Salad'. 

Apart from having an interesting history, this dish has innumerable health benefits. Colorful Salad can be made by combining many vegetables like tomato, beans, broccoli, capsicum and cucumber, which are full of Vitamin A and C, iron, minerals, etc. To add carbohydrates and protein and more taste, you can add chickpeas and boiled potato pieces. Spices like black pepper and black salt and herbs like basil can be added to make it more flavourful. If you are wondering how difficult it is to prepare then we are delighted to let you know that this dish can be easily made in 20 to 30 minutes by beginners.