How To Make Chicken Spring Roll | 101 Most Common Recipes Of India

Chicken Spring rolls

Spring rolls are loved by most people across India. Mainly served as a starter, spring rolls are quite an exclusive dish that is popular in India. Spring rolls fall under Asian cuisine. These golden-brown, cylindrical-shaped, deep-fried appetizers contain chicken and vegetables enclosed in wafer-thin wrappers.  These are served with a dipping sauce that varies from country to country.

It is believed that spring rolls were invented by the Chinese. The first version of spring rolls was made during the Jin Dynasty. During those days, people used to make thin cakes with flour and eat them with vegetables and fruits. They called it ‘spring cakes.’ Spring rolls, therefore, first emerged as a seasonal dish prepared during the spring festival. Even now, it is often called a spring dish. 

Later in the Tang Dynasty, spring cakes were improvised. The less fortunate ones just added carrots and celery to the appetizer while the richer folks added more flavours such as spinach, beansprouts, beans, eggs, vermicelli, cooked meats, and other fried dishes.

Culinary artists during the Ming and Qing dynasties further improved the recipe and transformed it into what is known as spring rolls today. Now the recipe includes shredded pork or chicken.