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Chicken Popcorn

Chicken Popcorn has been a fascinating dish that came from the United States of America. Chicken popcorn is small, nibble-size pieces of chicken that are battered and deep fried later. The tiny chicken bits, after being fried, resemble popcorn.

Gene Gagliardi, a reputable food researcher and inventor, invented chicken popcorn. It was tested in the American market in March 1992 and was released nationally in September 1992 in the United States.

The dish has been one of the active items in KFC restaurants. It was brought to the United States in 1998 and was again reintroduced in 2001. The meal was exceptionally marketed in 2015 as ‘KFC’s Popcorn nuggets.’

Sources from McDonald’s stated that Robert C. Baker, a culinary scientist and gastronomist at Columbia University, introduced a patent recipe for chicken popcorn which was, “paste made from finely crushed chicken and an optional addition of chicken skin covered in batter and then fried.”

Since its introduction into the American food scene and its food culture, chicken popcorn has been popularized all over the globe as a fast food meal. Chicken popcorn is popular in countries like Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and several European countries like the Netherlands, Italy, and France.

Besides, KFC introduced chicken popcorn in the Indian food market. Owing to its immense popularity as a fast food meal in contemporary popular culture, this product is a favourite among younger people.