How to Make Chhole Fondue | Slurrp Presents Try This Out

Chhole Fondue is an emerging fusion delicacy, which is made by combining two of the most famous global dishes i.e. Chhole and Fondue. Where Chhole is a North Indian or Punjabi curry which is made with soaked chickpeas and traditional spices, Fondue is a Switzerland's' cheese-based delight which was first promoted as the Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union in 1930. 

If we talk about Chhole Fondue then it is made with Phirni Chhole paste and a good quantity of cheese and cream, and can be served with plain Kulcha or stuffed Kulcha. To add more flavours in this dish, you can add vegetables like tomato, onion and capsicum, and dry fruits like cashew and raisin. 

Also, this dish is quite healthy for those who are looking for something full of protein and calcium. Its preparation and method is not so difficult as any intermediate-level cook can prepare and serve Chhole Fondue in just 45 minutes to 1 hour.