How to Make Cham Cham | Sweet Tooth | HT Lifestyle

Cham Cham is a traditional Bengali dish which is very popular in all regions of India. It is widely served as a dessert and is a very active part of numerous celebrations like festivals and family get-togethers. People also find it an auspicious item to give as a gift. 

Cham Cham is also known as Chom Chom, or Chum Chum and it is believed that its roots belong to Porabari, Tangail, Bangladesh. It is not only famous in India and Bangladesh but also in Pakistan. As it is a milk-based delicacy, it can be easily made in many varieties and colours which include white, yellow, light pink, etc. 

To add more flavours to Cham Cham, people usually coat it with coconut and they also prefer mawa flakes as a garnish. If you are wondering how much time it takes to get this dish prepared, then an intermediate-level cook can serve it in 40 to 50 minutes.