How to Make Capsicum Corn Sabzi? | 101 Most Common Recipes | Slurrp

If you are looking for a curry that is flavourful, light, and healthy, a bowl full of capsicum-corn sabzi will do the trick. This easy-to-make sweet and salty curry is not only time-saving but also loved by everyone at home. Also, this dish is quite nutritious, as it is full of vitamin C and fiber.

Generally, people prefer to keep this healthy bowl lightly spiced when they do not want to pair it with classic Indian sides. But if you want to pair it with sides, then make it as spicy as any other Punjabi curry and keep the sauce's texture creamier. To add more magic to it, you can also add tomatoes, dry fruits, and herbs.

If we talk about how appealing it looks, then the bright colours of the capsicum and corn can make it irresistible for you not to eat. As this dish is not very difficult to cook, a beginner can easily serve it in just 30 minutes.