How To Make Breakfast Smoothies | Get Fit Food

Smoothies are one of the most preferred breakfast foods for those who keep track of their health. It is a beverage which is chilled and sweet, and most often made from fresh fruits or vegetables. To make it more of a dessert, you can find people making smoothies from chocolate, strawberry, etc. This drink-cum-dessert has its own history. 

It is believed that Smoothie first came into existence in 1926 when Julius Freed and Bill Hamlin blended orange juice with some more ingredients, to make it less acidic and frothier. And this is how they created the first popular smoothie drink in America. 

Usually, Smoothies include crushed ice, frozen fruit, yogurt or milk, ice cream and honey. Their texture is also similar to a milkshake. Now you might be thinking how this drink can be considered as a healthy breakfast.

The nutrition level of a smoothie exclusively depends on what type of ingredients are included and in what proportions.

For instance, if you are looking for a meal replacement then you can have breakfast smoothies which include large or multiple servings of fruits and vegetables. Or, if you want to gain weight then a fruit juice containing high amounts of sugar can increase caloric intake and do the job. To add more nutrition to your breakfast smoothie, you can also add ingredients such as protein powders but only after taking an expert's prescription.