How To Make Barley Mushroom Risotto | Slurrp Presents Get Fit Food

Originating from the northern parts of Italy, Risotto is an Italian dish that, over the years, has become a popular food item all over the globe. Risotto is traditionally made of Arborio rice, which is a short-grain and starchy rice. The resulting dish has a thick consistency. However, several versions have appeared and Risotto is now made of many varieties of grain. Among the variations, barley is the one loved by all. 

Barley Mushroom Risotto is a tasty as well as a healthy recipe. It is a variation of the Italian Risotto where instead of Arborio rice, barley is used. Risotto is cooked slowly and is a creamy, starchy, and savory main course or side dish.

Whole grain barley is filled with fibre, especially hulled barley. Besides, hulled and pearled barley are rich in fibre, which helps keep blood sugar in control. Barley is also a storehouse of selenium and antioxidants. 

Mushrooms, on the other hand, are packed with earthiness, plant proteins and Vitamin D. Risotto is made more nutritional with the addition of mushroom to it. 

Indulge yourself with the taste of this delicious Barley Mushroom Risotto.