How To Make Appe | Slurrp Presents 101 Most Common Recipes of India

Made with a fermented semolina or rice and urad dal batter, Appe is a go-to snack for many Indian households. This South Indian dish is made for those who love munching on something crunchy, but also want that melt-in-the-mouth experience. 

Appe can simply be considered as one of the best tea-time snacks and tiffin companions. If we talk about its place of origin, then some believe that it was first invented in some South Indian street, while some claim that it is a Sri Lankan staple dish. The origins might be an unsolved mystery but it doesn't matter from where it got its roots for a simple reason: This delicious savoury has won, and is still winning, the hearts of millions. 

To make it more flavourful, a cook can add many different vegetables and spices to the batter, like onion, carrot, capsicum, curry leaves, coriander, asafoetida, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, etc. Also, as it is not-so-tough to cook, a beginner-level cook can prepare and serve it with different dips like coconut chutney in just 40 to 50 minutes.