How to Cook Chicken Xacuti | Grandma's Recipes

Chicken Xacuti is nothing but a traditional Goan curry which is not only famous in India but also around the world. It is also called as chacuti in Portuguese and local people know it as Shagoti. This dish is also known for its unique blend of exotic spices which includes black pepper, turmeric, chilli, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. 

Xacuti was first discovered and prepared in Harmal (now Arambol) in Pernem Taluka of Goa by some local fishermen. These fishermen first prepared the gravy by adding the above mentioned spices. In addition to that, they also added toasted coconut and white poppy seeds. To add fullness in this gravy, they started to add fresh fish or chicken, whichever they would like and able to hunt.

Today, Xacuti is not only served with chicken and fish but also with lamb. As today its recipe is widely spread, it is not only served in innumerable national and international cuisine restaurants but also in many households. If you also want to prepare it and don't know what level of expertise it requires in the kitchen and how much time it would take then we would like to let you know that an intermediate-level cook can serve Chicken Xacuti in 60 to 90 minutes.