Cauliflower Rice | Slurrp Presents Get Fit Food

With the coming of winter season, vegetable markets across India are filled with fresh veggies of all sorts. From cauliflower to cabbage to carrots, you’ll love indulging in various foods for your dinner or lunch. You can try out innovative dishes with these vegetables too. Today, we have a winter-special recipe for you that will make you drool. 

Cauliflower rice is different from ‘riced cauliflower’ and is an exceptionally tasty recipe you can try out. It is believed that cauliflower rice was invented in the year 1998 by Harrison Ford’s son, Ben Ford, who was a chef in California. However, Ford called his innovative dish ‘cauliflower couscous.’

Cauliflower rice is not a rice recipe. Rather, it is made with grated cauliflower. For those who want to skip grains for whatever reason, this is a go-to recipe. And if you want a dietary fibre-rich diet, then definitely add cauliflower rice to your menu.  

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable from the brassica family and is of the same species as broccoli. Nutritionally, a cup of chopped cauliflower provides around 85% of recommended daily Vitamin C, around 10% of the daily recommended fibre, a good amount of potassium, 5 grams of carbohydrates, and 25 calories. 

Cauliflower rice can be cooked with fresh vegetables from the market like carrots, beans, spring onions, and more. A vegetarian dish is delightful to eat and will make your lunch or dinner worthwhile.