Bread Rolls Made Easy | Slurrp Presents 101 Common Recipe's of India

Bread rolls are small, oval-shaped bread, mainly eaten as a side dish. However, sandwiches can also be made out of them. The dish is popular in most parts of the world and has different names accordingly. Many believe that the name ‘bread roll’ has been given by bakers as per the method of baking and ingredients used for making the dough.

In European cuisine, bread rolls are quite famous. Moreover, German and Australian cuisines use bread rolls to make various roll dishes. The origin of the bread roll dates back to ancient times. Reportedly, remains of bread rolls were found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians. Moreover, their popularity gained momentum over the years, especially in places like the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe, also in Germany and Austria. 

There are many varieties of bread rolls consumed across Europe. For instance, baps bread rolls are mostly found in Ireland and Scotland. Moreover, in England, bread rolls take many forms like Teacakes. They are flat, round rolls found in Yorkshire. 

Bread rolls have now been popularised in India, Canada, and the Philippines as well. In India, bread rolls are sometimes sweetened with cardamom and sugar or made savoury with the use of potatoes and spices.