Weird But Good Savoury Toppings To Pair Your Ice-cream Up
Image Credit: Pexels

According to studies, various taste sensations like salty, sweet, and spicy fulfil the appetite more than a single dominant flavour. That's why the mix-ins at your favourite ice cream shop are so tempting. This ice cream and olive oil recipe is inspired by a famous Italian chef who uses this concept, contrasting the ice cream's creamy smoothness with the flaky crunch of sea salt and the rich, spicy undertones of extra-virgin olive oil. Shockingly, the mixture is oddly addictive.

You'll appreciate this simple vanilla ice cream recipe if you prefer cooking at home. Adding olive oil not only enhances the ice cream's flavour but also helps keep it smooth and creamy. So go ahead and try it; your family and friends will undoubtedly be impressed!

Also, do you know the Big Gay Ice Cream has been doing this for a while, and Salt & Straw in Portland has had olive oil ice cream on their menu for a long time?

High-quality olive oil is exquisite, and pouring it over ice cream is a treat. You don't need much; a light trickle will suffice but use quality oil. The combination of dairy dessert and pure fat may appear too heavy, but fine olive oil adds a peppery, savoury contrast and a rich mouthfeel. 

To be more creative, Chef Missy Robbins' book proposes starting with a vanilla soft serve base and topping with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, honey, and fennel pollen.

Dua Lipa and other celebrities have also seized on the bandwagon. Some loved it, some didn't. The Tik Tok, in which it re-emerged, has sparked a heated debate. But these aren’t the only savoury ice cream combinations you should try. Here are some more you can experiment with.

With good reason, Sichuan chilli crisp has recently emerged as the new sriracha. This sauce goes great with Chinese noodles, fried rice, scrambled eggs in the morning, dessert in the evening, and even ice cream.

That's correct. As surprising as it may seem, chilli crisps pair well with ice cream. The combo was introduced in Chengdu and Chongqing in 2018. Since then, it has gained popularity among chefs and food journalists. 

Bacon may have had its moment as an omnipresent dessert item, but the bacon dessert craze has passed. That does not mean it is no longer a wonderful concept! Bacon's smoky, salty, crunchy, and umami-rich flavour compliments sweet dishes and mixes well with ice cream too.

Dipping French fries in a Dairy Queen Blizzard is a unique experience that combines salty fried potatoes with sweet, smooth ice cream. Those who have tried it know how good it feels. However, potato chips outperform French fries due to their crispy, crunchy texture that contrasts wonderfully with the creamy dessert. The only catch is that you need to have it before it is soggy. 

Now that you know all things weird that go well with ice cream, which one do you want to try first?