Valentine’s Day 2024: 7 Indian Rose Water-Infused Desserts
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Roses are a symbol of love. Their fragrance, appearance and charm evoke feelings of passion within the heart. More than just being a decorative accessory, roses also have various culinary applications which have been known and used for thousands of years.

The addition of roses to dishes brings a delicate flowery taste and enhances the existing flavours in the dish. The use of rose water in Indian desserts has been going on for ages and its prominence is eminent. Giving every dessert a royal touch rose water converts even a simple kheer into an ecstatic indulgence.

Rose-infused dishes have carried a special cultural resonance across India. These desserts can be a delightful addition to your February 14 festivities. Prepare these elegant rose water-infused desserts to conclude your Valentine’s Day dinner with enchanting floral bliss and a lingering taste of roses.

7 Romantic Desserts Infused With Rose Water

1) Rose Water-Infused Kheer

Rose Water-Infused Kheer is a simple yet delightful addition to Valentine’s Day dinner. The sweet rice pudding creates a melody of flavours and rose water leaves an elegant aftertaste. Adding rose water to Kheer balances the overwhelming sweet flavour and adds a gentle floral essence.

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2) Rose Water Gulab Jamun

Saturated in rose water-infused sugar syrup, these delectable gulab jamuns melt in the mouth. Named after the rose flower, gulab jamun adds a festive touch to special occasions and makes it a sophisticated treat to conclude the dinner. The tenderness increases as jamuns soak up the syrup, making it a heavenly delight.

3) Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma infused with rose water is a decadent festive treat that exudes elegance from every angle. The addition of dates in the rich creamy milk and the addition of aromatic rose water makes this delight an unforgettable treat for tastebuds. Garnishing with rose petals will enhance the appeal.

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4) Rose Water Falooda

The layers of sweet basil seeds, vermicelli, rose syrup and rose milk make a dreamy combination of textures bursting with the elegant flavour of rose. As each layer unfolds, the enchanting floral flavour gets merged with ingredients, making it a perfect celebration of fineness.

5) Rose Water Rabdi

In India, no celebration is complete without rabdi. This creamy delight is made by simmering milk until it thickens. After that, rose water is added along with dry fruits and saffron creating a pleasant symphony of emerging flavours. Serve it with shahi tukda, jalebi or malpua.

6) Rose Water Kulfi

Rose Water Kulfi is a perfect way to cherish childhood memories while enjoying a romantic night. The gleaming pink colour of kulfi garnished with dried rose petals makes it a delightful dessert to share with your loved one. As you gradually slurp the kulfi away, the unwrapping flavours give a nostalgic feeling.

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7) Rose Water Rasmalai

The love affair of rose water and sweet rasmalai creates a delectable sight that will set the stage for a perfect romantic evening. The creaminess of rasmalai filled with floral notes of rose makes it an irresistible treat for a memorable end to the dinner night.

These decadent, creamy and indulgent rose water-infused Indian desserts will be an indelible addition to your romantic dinner night. Make these floral desserts and impress your better half with your culinary magic.