Pizza Hut’s “Goodbye Pies with a Break-Up Message”
Image Credit: Pexels

With their brand-new Goodbye Pies, Pizza Hut is assisting people in ending their relationship this Valentine's Day. Though it's the month of love, February is the most prevalent breakup time. 

What better way to break the bad news than over a pizza?

With their new hot honey "goodbye pies," Pizza Hut will help you break up with your partner before Valentine's Day, so you don't have to.

"Goodbye Pies" is released by Pizza Hut on embracing awkwardness while celebrating love.

A Goodbye Pie is one of Pizza Hut's newest Hot Honey Pizzas, with an image of a broken heart and the words "Goodbye Pie" inscribed on top of the box.

Not only is there enough on the front to write the unfortunate person's name, but you can also add a complimentary, personalised breakup note inside.

Order pizza and bring it to your prospective ex's residence to lessen the blow of your impending breakup in February. After all, everyone loves pizza, even with the bad news. 

In a press release, Pizza Hut announced that the pizza will assist you in breaking up with your partner by sending a Goodbye Pie. Thoughtful, isn't it? The fast food restaurant will send a sweet and spicy Hot Honeypie to lessen the agony.

On February 6, also called "Red Tuesday," the breakup day of the year, the breakup pizzas were first available. You simply need to click "Say goodbye" to order a breakup pie by visiting the Goodbye Pies website. They remain accessible through Valentine's Day.

Sure, splitting up is awkward. But Pizza Hut can aid. The delivery driver will deliver the terrible news most effectively if you send a complimentary Hot Honey Goodbye Pie between now and Valentine's Day, as per the statement by Pizza Hut.

Only the three main US cities—New York, Chicago, and Miami—well-known for heartbreaks are eligible for this deal. Every day, a certain quantity of pies is offered. You must return the next day to see if the pizzas have been sold out or available. 

Additionally, you may use the website to construct a breakup text that you can send to your prospective ex, along with a gift card so they can buy a Hot Honey pizza.

The special pizza comes with marinara sauce, a thick layer of cheese, traditional pepperoni, and a sprinkle of spicy honey. The combo of the new spicy Honey Pizza with these ingredients is sure to please.

A taste experience of sweet heat and savoury saltiness is created by infusing real honey with chilli peppers and crispy cupped pepperoni. If you want to try something new, this pizza is the best alternative to sweeter pies with gooey cheese and honey, brilliantly captured by the cup pepperonis.

You can also try Pizza Hut's newest wings with breakup pizza as a side dish. It comes in bone-in and boneless varieties, is double-dipped in sweet heat flavours, and is coated in spicy honey.

Pizza Hut shops around the country sell both items, with pizza priced at $11.99 and wings at $5.99. Order these before they go out!