Know What Uncle Roger Says About Aunty Esther’s Spicy Noodles
Image Credit: Pexels/Wikicoms

Uncle Roger is one of the best comedy cook figures who criticises and roasts, the other influencers and the chefs who messes up different Asian cuisines by Americanising them. The significant changes in spices and traditional methods upset him, and the crowd loves the roasts and skits he makes. This time, it's no different with Uncle Roger and Aunty Esther; keep reading! But first, know who Aunty Esther and Uncle Roger are!

The Iron Chefs defeated Esther Choi by a single point, and she was stripped of her Iron Legend title. Quest for an Iron Legend, the most watched and fiercely competitive culinary series ever, debuted on Netflix long before she made it to tiktok. Since Esther Choi, the last Challenger Chef, could not defeat the five Iron Chefs, the show's first season did not feature any Iron Legends.

Chairman Mark Dacascos threw down the gauntlet to the competitors: cook a dish that will change their lives. 36-year-old chef Esther Choi made five seafood dishes in contrast to one dish from each Iron Chef. Her cooking score of 82 was just shy of the scorching 83 of the food industry heavyweights. 

At fourteen, Esther secured her first employment at a restaurant after becoming interested in cooking at a very young age. New Jersey's Egg Harbor is where Esther is originally from. The dishes she makes for the American crowd over the platform is what uncle Roger roasts, claiming she cooks forgetting her roots and what she knows. 

Nigel is most recognized for his humorous persona as Uncle Roger, a middle-aged Asian uncle who takes great delight in embodying different East and Southeast Asian stereotypes and speaks with a strong, exaggerated Cantonese accent. With Nigel in mind, his podcast colleague Evelyn Mok created the role of the middle-aged Asian uncle for a sitcom. Ng then expanded on the character on TikTok and Instagram sketches before bringing the character to YouTube.

Ng gained notoriety in July 2020 when he appeared in an Uncle Roger video wherein he critiqued Hersha Patel's BBC Food film about making egg-fried rice. Following the video's viral success, Ng and Patel co-hosted an episode of BBC Food and worked together on a YouTube video. 

In August, he worked one day at Elizabeth Haigh's restaurant, Mei Mei. He released a video assessment of Gordon Ramsay's fried rice the next month, complimenting Ramsay on his proper technique. He has published several videos criticising Jamie Oliver's takes on well-known Asian foods, including ramen, Thai green curry, and egg-fried rice. 

In the latest video, Uncle Roger criticises Esther Choi for making spicy noodles with different kinds of peppers, and she uses hard words to complicate the video. He roasts her with her use of vocabulary and words like "Interactive" and "Dimension". 

He also admits that the noodles' pepper choices are quite bold and spicy, including scallion schezwan pepper, scorpion pepper, and schezwan peppercorn. But then again, everyone gets a glance of cheese along with the spicy food which Uncle Roger roasts in a very funny manner. 

Throughout the video, he comments on each step as Aunty Esther continues. Catch more of the video on YouTube. Who's side are you on?