Watch The Viral Video On How To Portion Your Food At Wedding
Image Credit: Pexels

An essential part of Indian wedding customs and festivities is food. In India, the making and presentation of lavish wedding feasts have profound religious and cultural importance. India has always been renowned for being a gracious and magnificent country.

The wedding feast typically spans several days and includes many vegetarian meals. The affection and concern the bride and groom's families have for their kids and new relatives is symbolised by the food presented. The wedding feast also allows guests to mingle and celebrate the couple's union.

Halwa and kheer are among the sweet delicacies provided to wish the couple a happy married life. A popular wedding dish, biryani represents unity and togetherness. After the wedding ceremony, the couple's first meal together is also seen as highly promising. Typically, the bride's family prepares traditional foods for this first dinner.

Indian weddings are known for their extravagant feasts, where an abundance of delectable delicacies can easily lead to overindulgence, even for the most self-controlling eater. But it can be challenging to maintain portion control in the middle of such magnificence. 

One person shows off shrewd tactics in a recently popular video for navigating the buffet spread without going overboard. The reel provides helpful advice on reducing overeating tendencies without compromising enjoyment, including prioritising healthier selections and using thoughtful plating techniques. 

The popular video that Bhawnapreet Kaur Sahni shared may be seen on Instagram. There have been almost 4 million views on this video.

Viewers may learn to enjoy the culinary treats of Indian weddings while controlling their meal amounts with professional advice on calculating serving sizes and striking a balance between pleasure and healthy options. 

By implementing these mindful eating habits, attendees can celebrate the happy event without feeling burdened by regretting overconsumption. 

Discover how to enjoy every bite of your next Indian wedding feast while controlling portion sizes by following the viral phenomenon. 

Many videos on the internet show how to portion food and stress the need to set aside half of your plate for vegetables and modify the remaining area for other foods. 

This strategy is commended as a successful way to start weight loss initiatives. However, following portion control guidelines at gatherings like weddings can be challenging. 

However, a viral video offers an ingenious method for preserving portion control, particularly during Indian weddings. 

The video, posted on Instagram by Mrs Bhawnapreet Kaur Sahni, shows Bhawna clutching a plate of rice at a buffet. She cleverly uses the rice to create a big X on her plate to divide it into two halves, providing a workable portion management method in these situations. 

Then she ladled some lentils, mushroom curry, butter paneer, and a mixture of dry mixed vegetables onto one side of the platter. She captioned the video with, "Tips for organising your plate at events."

See for yourself: how do you like this trick?