Launch Of New Cookbook From Chuck E. Cheese Shocked Everyone
Image Credit: Amazon/Flickr

Chuck E. Cheese, the beloved family entertainment brand and fast food joint that has delighted families for decades, is happy to expand the Chuck E. The Chuck E. Cheese will expand your experience beyond the fun centres by releasing the Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook from Weldon Owen Publishing. Now you can enjoy the bonus of having great food and reliving good memories from the place. How awesome!

Chefs, mini-chefs (Children), and party planners should prepare to eat and dance the day away! The Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook features the gang's fun and tasty party ideas for everyone to enjoy. Not only that, the recipes are very easy and light. There's a party for everyone, from Chuck E. Cheese's Game Night to Jasper T. Jowls' Howlin' Hootenanny and Helen Henny's All-day Breakfast Sleepover! Children from all around and their parents can't wait to get their hands on it. 

Each party includes a variety of delicious, themed recipes, such as tasty Vamples for your next Halloween party, French toast dippers for the next kid's slumber party, and Bella's favourite quesadilla pizza from her Festive Fiesta, and the list goes on and on. The recipes are accompanied by exclusive fun games, jokes, links to video dance parties, and other activities specially designed to make each party even more memorable and fun. Some of Pasqually's hilarious jokes, DJ Munch's remix of "Chuck E.'s Happy Dance," or let loose with the "Spring Break Breakdance," a nationwide spring sensation. It is all easy, fun and nostalgic with a new way of celebrating. 

Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook is available for pre-order now on Walmart, Amazon, Target, and the Chuck E. Shop. It celebrates the moments of joy shared with family and friends with Chuck E. Cheese characters' fun and joy. Every recipe and every experience is part of nostalgia and adventure. 

A licensed Chuck E. Cheese & Friends Colouring & Activity Book featuring all of your favourite Chuck E. Cheese characters will also be available for pre-order shortly. You need to wait for the best! Join Chuck E. and his buddies in this vibrant and entertaining colouring and activity book, which includes hundreds of unique drawings to colour, puzzles and mazes to solve, and simple crafts to make. This unusual book offers hours of pleasant entertainment. Perfect for kids!

Chuck E. Cheese celebrates half a million happy birthdays each year with a mission to help families make wonderful, lifetime memories through fun, food, and play. Cheese Fun Centers in 47 states and 18 other nations and territories. A new addition is a hit before launch, and it’s not surprising. What do you think?