Taylor Swift-Themed Menu Debuts At Chiefs-Bills Playoff Match
Image Credit: Flickr/Pexels

Highmark Stadium, the proud home to the Buffalo Bills, is all set for great face-offs of the "Icey gang" with music, sports, food, and creativity. Highmark Stadium will be hosting a playoff against the Kansas City Chiefs. Delaware North is the official stadium's food service partner. They have come up with the idea to honour and gift Taylor Swift and Swifties a curated menu. Taylor Swift is highly expected to grace the event supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. 

The main attractions of this unique menu are the "Bad Blood" Waffle Fries and the "Karma" Quesadilla. Talking about the "Bad Blood", Waffle Fries will be making a promising debut with a 2-foot spiced waffle fries for fans enjoying the game. It is said that it will be "culinary specialties of both Buffalo and Kansas City". The fries presented to the crowd will have half as Buffalo chicken and blue cheese toppings to represent Buffalo. While the other will proudly represent Kansas City with loaded Cattleman's BBQ pork, cole slaw, and bread-and-butter pickles. It will be great for fans heading to Orchard Park.

Another attraction is promised to be the "Karma" Quesadilla. This will also be attributed to Taylor Swift with reference to her songs. It is said that it will be a triple-stacked huge quesadilla with chicken tenders, bacon, and cilantro ranch, topped with a pork-belly chaser. No matter what team fans support, they are true Swifty at heart and will be delighted to have these snacks while they enjoy the game. 

Delaware North's general manager at Highmark Stadium, Andy Altomare, expressed the team's excitement about the creative menu. He said that his culinary team has again designed a great menu for the Divisional playoff game this weekend, with several new items for fans as they cheer on the Bills. He also added that they had a lot of fun with this week's menu. They included a few new options that celebrate this incredible rivalry with the Chiefs and their star-studded fans.

Along with the Taylor Swift-inspired dishes, Highmark Stadium promises a diverse range of food choices for the fans to enjoy. Dishes like the Kansas City Bowl of Tears BBQ, the Grape Davis, a Mulberry Meatball, 2-Foot Nachos, a Fried Chicken and Waffle sandwich, Boozy Hot Chocolate, a BBQ Cone, and the Buffalo Bills Chicken Broth are rumoured to be available.

The catering staff stated that they were enlightened with the idea and thought the idea was fun and really creative. They also mentioned how much fun they had with the whole menu representing the true Taylor Swift fans and the game teams from both sides. 

The playoffs are highly anticipated by the fans of not only the game but also Taylor Swift because she, as an incredible sensation and a great girlfriend, will be supporting her boyfriend. The food is also looking promising, and the service will be available throughout the game. This seems to be a golden opportunity, isn’t it? May the best team win!