Super Bowl Luxury Suite Is All Set To Serve Fine Game Menu
Image Credit: Pexels

The Super Bowl is one of the trending topics all over the USA, with ads filled with stars. The VIP cards have been revealed, too. The 2024 Super Bowl menu will feature chicken and waffles served with maple syrup in a pipette, as demonstrated at Levy's test kitchen in Streeterville. The dish was a resounding success. This simple dish will be made epic and will be served to super important guests, too. It has been marked as the first dish for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVIII appears to feature an amazing lineup of extravagant food options, but some finer menu items will only be available to a select few spectators. The menu for those seated in opulent suites at the big game on Sunday, February 11, was announced on Wednesday, February 7. 

Allegiant Stadium collaborates with Levy Restaurants and the Las Vegas Raiders to provide this year's attendees with an exceptional dining experience. Even though certain items are reserved for guests in VIP suites, there are plenty of delectable selections for everyone.

Earlier this week, Levy Restaurants started to tease some game-day menu items on social media. The restaurant business posted a compelling image of a Surf and Turf Nachos dish on Instagram on February 6. It was captioned "an over-the-top combination of wagyu tenderloin, lobster, queso blanco, and pico de Gallo."

Later, Levy Restaurants posted a photo of their footlong Wagyu Loaded Hot Dog, which has banana and onion peppers all over it.

At the concession stands of Allegiant Stadium, speciality dishes like Wagyu Loaded Hot Dog and Surf and Turf Nachos will be served to everyone. The Ultimate Seafood Stuffed Potato with Mac & Cheese and a massive doughnut dubbed the 'Sunday Sundae' will also be covered in sprinkles, ice cream, marshmallows and spun sugar. 

Concession stalls will provide the stadium's classic $2.99 hot dogs, nachos and sodas in addition to three speciality drinks—the First and Tequila, the Sin City Sour and the Rumming Back—that are being added to the cocktail menu in anticipation of the big game.

However, much more delicious party food will be available to those fortunate enough to be seated in one of the opulent suites outside the stadium. There will be wagyu tenderloin, king crab fried rice, shrimp cocktail towers, buttermilk fried chicken with syrup and waffles. There will be quesadillas with tenderloin, sirloin, gruyere, lobster, and desserts like Hot Dog Macaron and exclusive Super Bowl chocolate boxes.

With four days left until the big game, ticket holders still have plenty of time to arrange their game-day meals. Those who attend the game in person will have a wide selection of delicious menu items.