Sheet Pan Wonders: 6 Easy Recipes To Please The Crowd
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Cooking for the whole family becomes challenging especially when everyone has different preferences. It's even more difficult when you have to cook something at the last minute. This is where sheet pan recipes can be your saviour.

Sheet pan is extremely useful for cooking large batches of dishes or making one-pot meals. Not only that, sheet pan recipes also give you a world of possibilities for making amazing recipes that fit everyone's taste and come out delicious.

From curries to pasta, you can cook almost everything in the baking pan. Additionally, it also makes cleaning up much easier. Try these irresistible sheet pan recipes and find out how you can utilise them for your family functions.

Try These Easy Sheet Pan Recipes For Last Minute Preparation

1) Sheet Pan Butter Chicken

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Who doesn't like butter chicken? This dish can single-handedly be the star of your table and add life to the party. Things get much easier when you use a sheet pan for cooking. The process is the same and ingredients don't change either, just the cooking process becomes efficient when using the oven.

2) Sheet Pan Biryani

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Yes! You can make biryani in a sheet pan too! The process is similar to how you'd make biryani in a pressure cooker or pan, by layering, masala and basmati rice. While making biryani in a sheet pan, you need to make similar masala and cook rice in advance, then layer it on a sheet pan and bake it till all flavours get fused.

3) Sheet Pan Crumb Cake

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If you want to make an easy dessert for the party meal, sheet pan crumb cake can be your ally. The cake batter goes in the sheet pan and is topped with cake or biscuit crumbs. Then it is baked til the top turns golden brown. It gets ready in minutes and also allows for different ingredients, fruits, flavours and toppings.

4) Sheet Pan Cinnamon Rolls

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To prepare a ton of cinnamon rolls for the entire family, the surface area of a sheet pan can help you cook large batches at one time. Just align the rolled cinnamon rolls one by one on the pan and let it rise for a few minutes. Then bake it and drizzle freshly made glaze.

5) Sheet Pan Lasagna

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Making lasagna in a sheet pan is incredibly easy and can be your go-to way of cooking lasagna all the time. The ratio of sauces gets spread evenly over the layers of lasagna and its squared shape also makes it more convenient than a round skillet. Try different recipes, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian and see how well it cooks.

6) Sheet Pan Tofu 

For a vegan meal, sheet pan tofu creates a wholesome recipe that also gives you a way to experiment with different ingredients. Recipes like ranch tofu, spiced tofu, stir-fried tofu and almost everything can be conveniently cooked in a sheet pan.

From baking a whole batch of desserts to creating wholesome recipes, sheet pan can be the most useful kitchen equipment in many ways. When you're calling friends over for brunch or throwing a family get-together party, these sheet pan recipes will give you a convenient solution.