Republic Day 2024: 6 Tricolour Snacks And Starters
Image Credit: Tricolour Starter | Wikimedia Commons

Republic Day is celebrated to commemorate the historic day when the Indian Constitution came into effect. This day reminds the brave sacrifices of the freedom fighters to make India free from the British Raj. Every year, this day is made even more exciting as families come together to watch the iconic Republic Day Parade on their TV and witness the patriotic thrill and passion that runs in the veins of the country.

As it's a national holiday dedicated to celebrating and rejoicing in the spirit of democracy, families come together to share a hearty meal while cherishing the democratic spirit. The meal is made even more special with snacks and starters that resemble the vibrant Tricolour of the flag.

This Republic Day, make your family meal much more special and memorable by making these 6 tricolour snacks and starters. These vibrant and flavourful dishes will not only pay homage to the colours of the national flag but will also offer a delicious culinary experience for your guests.

Try These Tricolour Snacks And Starters To Impress Everyone

1) Tricolour Bread Pakoda

This bread pakoda recipe is special because when you cut it open its dissection will showcase the brightest colours of the flag in order. With the saffron colour derived from carrot slices or orange-coloured chilli chutney and the green derived from the classic green chutney, this bread pakoda beautifully sandwiches mashed potatoes mixed with mayonnaise.

2) Tricolour Falafel

Tricolour Falafels will add new excitement to the party meal platter when their bright colours and crispy crust will make everyone crave it more. Made with deliciously soft-boiled and mashed chickpeas, this falafel does not need to add artificial flavours. In fact, it tastes much better when different vegetables are added to it. To make saffron falafels, you just have to mix grated carrots, and for the green ones, spinach will do its magic.

3) Tricolour Skewered Chicken Fritters

Chicken is a delight in any party meal. It can be made even more exciting when presented in a tricolour fashion. Skewered Chicken Fritters features hariyali chicken, malai chicken and chilli chicken skewered in the order of tricolour and fried until crispy. It is a perfect starter to make the platter look more appealing.

Image Credit: Freepik

4) Tricolour Salad

Tricolour Salad is made with beautiful saffron, green and white coloured vegetables, which are basically Carrots, Cucumbers and Radishes but can also be exchanged with different options. This salad is a perfect way to present a variety of tricolour vegetables cut into interesting shapes and you can also design a Lotus, the National Flower, to centre this eye-pleasing salad platter.

5) Tricolour Crackers

This recipe features three crackers — Carrot Crackers, Spinach Crackers, and White Cheese Crackers — presented in tricolour fashion and served with exciting dips to make it even more flavourful. You can make these crackers with grated chickpeas mixed with flour, grated carrots for saffron, blended spinach for the green, and grated cheese for white. Serve it with matching colour dips like mayonnaise, guacamole, and orange hot sauce.

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6) Tricolour Chicken Flowers

This enticing dish is both delicious and appetising and is made with tender marinated chicken breasts wrapped in batter and covered with basmati rice. The rice, when blooms while steaming, makes the chicken balls appear like beautiful flowers. Colouring rice with saffron and blended spinach is how you make it tricolour. 

These interesting tricolour starters will make you celebrate this monumental day in an invigorating heart filled with patriotic spirit and a loaded stomach filled with wholesome deliciousness.