Republic Day 2024: 5 Indian Steamed Snacks For Your Celebrations
Image Credit: Dhokla | Freepik

As India gears up to celebrate the monumental day on 26th January, it is time to plan the menu in advance so nothing is left for the last moment. What comes first and foremost is the snacks and starters that make way for a perfect meal. To try something different this time, consider making steamed snacks, which will help you prepare everything with ease and also make you try new experiments on them.

Steamed snacks are perfect because of the versatility of the recipe and the nutritional value they offer. Mould it in any shape or any size, it will always turn out to be good and the tastes always change with the shape, so every recipe will be distinctly delightful.

Add joy to your celebrations with these 7 Indian Steamed Snacks and cherish the moment while making your table shine bright like the flag.

Celebrate Republic Day With These Indian Steamed Snacks

1) Dhokla

Dhokla is a Gujarati delicacy combining the heartiness of besan or chickpea flour and the wholesomeness of rice flour in a light and fluffy cake. This cake is served with a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves and is sided by tangy chutney. You can also make the trending tricolour version of this dish by adding carrots for saffron, rice flour for white, and spinach for green and layer them to display the beautiful colours.

2) Idli

Made with fermented rice and urad dal batter, these South Indian steamed delights have made a separate fan base all over India. These spongy treats are perfectly paired with coconut chutney, sambhar, and tomato chutney. Along with being wholesome, it serves as a perfect canvas to try new and innovative experiments. With this, you can create the trending tricolour mini idlis and serve it skewed on sticks.

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3) Khandvi

Khandvi is a beloved Gujarati and Maharashtrian snack made with besan and yoghurt. Khandvi portrays the perfect balance of flavours and texture and has a hearty potency which makes it perfect for winter. These thin, silky rolls are seasoned with mustard and garnished with grated coconut and coriander tadka, which makes the crust slightly crispy. Khandvi’s visually appealing looks add a touch of elegance to the dinner table.

4) Patra

Patra or Alu Vadi is a steamed snack that includes colocasia or arbi leaves coated with spicy gram flour paste. These leaves are then rolled after being coated and steamed until besan is cooked. The long roll is then cut into pieces and shallow fried until crispy. It's crispy on the outside and reveals beautiful layers with every unfolding. This dish is popular by many names in several regions of India. Shallow frying helps in keeping the crust crispy and the core soft and mushy which defines every flavour profile extremely well.

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5) Modak

While you enjoy the festival, why not start the meal with something sweet? Make a sweet addition to your platter by making steamed Modak. Often associated with Lord Ganesha, it will be a perfect way for you to make an auspicious start and pledge for the nation's well being with a sweet start. Modak has many versions, but the steamed ones are exceptionally good. It is made with rice flour and filled with a mixture of jaggery, coconut, and dry fruits. You can make the trending tricolour modak by adding colours to the flour wrapper.

This Republic Day, delight your guests with these amazing steamed snacks and cherish the true essence of the nation. Whether you wanna start with something spicy, savoury or sweet, consider making these delectable steamed snacks and bring a new joy to the celebration.