Ramadan 2024 USA: 7 Iftar Food Ideas To Try
Image Credit: Pexels

Finally, the month of Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam, has arrived. It is the start of the fasting period, which lasts for a month. The Muslim community fasts for almost 30 days, eating only twice a day: "iftar," a post-fast meal after sunset, and "sehri," a pre-fast meal eaten at dawn.

Traditionally, a light and nourishing meal is served when the fast is broken with dates and water. However, certain special recipes are only prepared during Ramadan and served during Iftar gatherings.

It can occasionally take some time to think through what one needs to make or organise the Iftar menu in advance when fasting. As a result, you can make snacks that you can freeze for later or consider easy meals that only take twenty to thirty minutes to prepare. Here are some easy Iftar food ideas you can make in a matter of minutes to aid you with this conundrum.

7 Iftar Food Ideas To Try

1. Sofiyani Biryani, or White Chicken Biryani 

People prefer to eat white biryani, also known as Sofiyani biryani, a recently popular recipe in South Asia, particularly in India and Pakistan. For lovers of biryani, this dish of succulent, juicy chicken cooked in white sauce covered with aromatic, long-grain basmati rice flavoured with Indian spices is a dream come true. It is ideal for serving as dinner's main meal!

2. Chickpea Salad 

This nutritious, high-protein, gluten-free Indian recipe for chickpea salad, called chana salad, has the potential to impact your weight reduction efforts significantly. It can support your energy levels, help you lose excess weight, and keep you satisfied for extended periods. There are a tonne of minerals and multivitamins in this chana salad. It is prepared with fresh vegetables and cooked chickpeas, all combined with a delicious yoghurt salad dressing.

3. Keema Naan 

One of Pakistan's most well-known naan breads is keema naan, which is baked in a Tandoor and filled with ground beef. It is readily available on every street food dish in Punjab and Amritsar. For those who enjoy naan, this flavour combination of ground meat sautéed with garlic, spiced with herbs and spices, and baked in an oven is ideal.

4. Fingerling potatoes 

Serve crispy potato fingers as an evening snack or appetiser with a side of mayo sauce. This mouthwatering snack is made with mashed potatoes, spices, and crispy bread crumbs that are deep-fried. You will stop eating fries or wedges after trying these golden-brown potato finger recipes. Try it out this Ramadan at your house.

5. Fish Pakoras 

One of the best Indian street food snacks is fish pakora. The flavour of deep-fried golden brown fish marinated in gramme flour (besan) and Indian spices is ideal when paired with tartar sauce or chutney. Its exterior is crispy and crunchy, while its interior is delicate and juicy, tempting you to eat without stopping.

6. Cheese Samosa 

You can have a low-calorie option to consume samosas with laden cottage cheese by trying the cheese samosa, also known as Indian paneer samosa and called Sambousek in the Middle East. These portable, triangle-shaped mini samosas are so delicious and portable that they will make you feel like you're eating something appetising.

7. Easy Pizza Dough Calzone 

This simple homemade calzone recipe that uses pizza dough and is simple enough for anyone to create. This is a little calzone pie filled with mozzarella cheese, salami, pepperoni, and pizza sauce, baked in an oven to give it a distinctive brown hue. These portable pizza pockets are the perfect appetisers to serve with dinner or even just to have with afternoon tea because they are so simple to eat.

Effective time management is crucial during festive hours and fasting. The two important times throughout Ramadan to eat are iftar and suhoor. These are short and simple, so try them all whenever you can!