Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Family Food Moments And Homemade Burgers
Image Credit: Priyanka Chopra | Instagram

The fact that Priyanka Chopra Jonas is an Indian with great taste in food is well known. While the actor doesn’t share too many food moments on her social media handles, in interviews and appearances, she does repeatedly talk about how much she loves food–not to mention the fact that she also invested in an Indian restaurant in the US too. On the rare occasion when she does share glimpses of her food adventures though, PC manages to slay with her love for all things food.

A prime example is a recent post she shared on her Instagram. While the post was all about a small getaway she enjoyed with her husband Nick Jonas and daughter Malti in Santa Barbara, California, glimpses of her food adventures also sneaked in. From enjoying a good time at a local speakeasy with great food and beverages to biting into an exquisite homemade burger made by her brother-in-law Franklin Jonas, the series of photos on her post proved just what a foodie Pee Cee is!

In a short clip she posted, Priyanka Chopra was seen dazzling with her smile alongside Nick Jonas in front of a beautiful speakeasy, Plow & Angel. The hidden speakeasy tucked away in the hills of Santa Barbara was a perfect location for the couple to enjoy some private time with a good meal. Inspired by the secret pubs that emerged across the US during the Prohibition Era, Plow & Angel is known for craft cocktails, a charming vibe, live music, and most of all, incredible platters of seafood.

In the next slides of the post, she glued pictures of her brother-in-law Franklin Jonas cooking a meal for the family. Pee Cee shared a beautiful picture of homemade burgers made by Franklin that featured bacon slices along with patty and gooey cheese topped with a sunny-side-up egg. Unlike Priyanka, who has mentioned in interviews that she isn’t much into cooking and household chores, Franklin apparently enjoys cooking a lot and often shows off his skills in the kitchen.

Priyanka added a crimson love emoji and the word "lately" as a caption to the carousel post, adding "Full heart, full tummy” at the end. The post proves beyond anything that for this Indian actor, family time is also about enjoying delicious food rustled up in the family kitchen, be it in India, the US or anywhere in the world. But this wasn’t the only hint at her food-packed and family-oriented life, as recently Priyanka also posted pictures of her daughter’s second birthday celebrations–and yes, it featured food in the form of an incredible cake too!