Potato Chronicles: 5 Most Comforting Indian Dishes
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Potato has been regarded as the king of comfort food due to its ease of use and delightful texture that goes well with almost every dish. Whether you want to make some quick snacks or make comforting curries, potatoes can be transformed into countless recipes that make a feast for the soul.

While potatoes are a comforting meal in itself, mixing it up with tantalising Indian spices takes the satisfaction to the next level. Whether its the homely comfort of aloo ki sabzi or the nostalgic appeal of aloo ka paratha, potatoes have undoubtedly made the best companions in Indian cuisine.

Try out these amazing Indian recipes made with potatoes and reignite your love for potatoes with a whole new excitement.

Make These 5 Comforting Recipes With Potato

1) Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is a renowned North Indian recipe that got its name from the “dum” method of cooking. In this method, the potatoes are simmered in a sealed handi or container and smothered in their own steam which infuses every potato with flavours. For this recipe, small and whole potatoes are cooked in spiced curry with a yoghurt base.

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2) Aloo 65

Aloo 65 is an absolute retreat for those who like spicy tingles on the tongue while relishing crispy bites. This recipe can be a delightful starter to your family dinners and also serve as an anytime snack. Immersing the potato cubes in flavourful spiced batter, the bites are fried until crispy golden and coated with more spices.

3) Aloo Ka Paratha

The potato-stuffed flatbreads fried on the griddle from both sides and served with green chutney or yoghurt can make even a hater of potato into a lover. Packed with health benefits, this paratha is more than just a satisfying treat, it is a delightful revelation for health freaks. The flavoured herby potato filling makes it a hearty nourishment for any time.

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4) Samosa

When talking about comfort foods made with potatoes, no one can rule out the revered samosas. The triangular crispy flaky pastries filled with spiced piping hot potato filling fill every mouthful with delightful flavours. With the addition of green peas and carrot dice, you can add more flavour to the filling.

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5) Aloo ki Sabzi

Aloo ki Sabzi has been a beloved staple in most Indian households and for centuries, this recipe has delighted the platters with its appetising curry. While the recipe differs from region to region, one thing that remains unchanged is the iconic blend of tomato, onion, and garlic paste for the base. You can season it with spices of your choice and add more heat with paprika.

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6) Methi Aloo

Featuring the delightful bitter pungency of fenugreek leaves entangled with the comforting texture and taste of potatoes, this dish will serve as a comforting feast for breakfast and lunch. It is made by stir-frying diced potatoes with fenugreek leaves along with seasonings and some salt.

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7) Aloo Chaat

One of the most loved street-style delicacies in India, Aloo Chaat can be your favourite snack time treat which is healthier at the same time. Packed with tangy, savoury and spicy flavours, this recipe features boiled potatoes mixed in aromatic chaat masala along with cumin and chilli powder and garnished with fresh coriander and crushed papdi.

Make these delicious comfort recipes with potatoes today and see how each recipe highlights a new characteristic of this unassuming ingredient. From snacks to gravies, potatoes can make your every meal a satisfactory repast.