Oscars 2024: 7 Movie-Inspired Dishes For Your Viewing Party
Image Credit: Oscars Award (Flickr), Snacks for Viewing Party (Freepik)

Oscar viewing parties are a fun time to chill with friends and family while enjoying snacks and guessing which movie or actor will win the prize. It becomes even special when you serve movie-themed snacks and drinks.

These snacks draw inspiration from the movies, so make it a way to cheer the favourite movie nominations and add a cinematic touch to the table. Also, you can surprise your guests with this unique and fun concept.

Some of the recipes look and feel just like the movie while others are inspired by characters and actors. Altogether, they are just as entertaining and moving as the films. Make these snacks for this Oscar viewing party and add excitement to the night.

7 Oscar-Nominated Movies Inspired Snacks For Viewing Party

1) Oppenheimer - Nasi Goreng or Indonesian fried rice

Image Credit: Freepik

While this dish is not shown anywhere in the movie, it was one of the favourite treats of Dr J. Robert Oppenheimer.  Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian fried rice dish which is cooked with pieces of meat and vegetables. It is topped with a sunny-side-up egg and fresh vegetable salad.

2) Barbie - Barbie-que Sliders with Pink Sauce

Image Credit: Freepik

The Barbie movie is filled with popping shades of pink and pink all over. This recipe is connected with the movie in a very unique way. You can call this dish Barbie-que and serve it like small sandwiches.  Pairing this with pink beetroot sauce will add the pink tint to the dish.

3) Poor Things - Portuguese Tarts

Image Credit: Freepik

This dish is not exactly connected with the movie but it is one of those treats that Emma Stone ate on the set. In an interview, she revealed that she ate 60 Portuguese Tarts while filming. Portuguese tarts are made with a custard base topped with sugar syrup and filled inside the dough cups. These are incredibly delicious and just like Stone, you can’t stop eating them.

4) Maestro - Maestro Dobel Tequila Margarita

Image Credit: Freepik

Maestro is the most cinematic and romantic movie which has been nominated for Best Picture. To celebrate the aura of this movie, the famous Maestro Margarita creates a perfect drink to pair with the night. This margarita is made with 1 1/2 ounces DOBEL Diamond Tequila, 1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice and 1/2 ounce Cointreau served in salt rimmed margarita glass garnished with lemon wedge.

5) Past Lives - Korean Corn Dogs

Image Credit: Freepik

Past Lives takes the viewers to the streets of Korea where the movie is actually based. One of the beloved snacks of Korea is the Korean Hot Dogs, which is how this snack draws a connection with the movie. Korean Hot Dogs are perfect crispy dough treats wrapping sausage and cheese and covered with crispy breadcrumbs. It is a perfect snack for the night and pairs well with beer.

6) The Boy and the Heron - Gyozas

Image Credit: Freepik

The Boy and the Heron is a Ghibli studio masterpiece featured in Japan. To celebrate this movie, you can create the Japanese special Gyoza dumplings with meat or pork filling and umami sauces. You can try different versions of Gyoza and either make it steamed or fried. Use soy sauce as the dip and add scallions and sesame seeds.

7) Elemental - Kol-nuts

Image Credit: Freepik

Elemental is all about the ethereal magic of Disney movies and one dish that was significantly mentioned in the movie was the Kol-nuts. Kol-nuts are portrayed as the balls of fire in the movie. But you can create a replica of it by making balls of mashed potatoes and cheese and covering these balls with spicy red crushed Cheetos. The fiery taste will make you feel the heat of the fireballs shown in the movie.

Try these creative movie-themed snacks and drinks for your Oscar viewing party and surprise your guests. These recipes will add a fun element to the night and will haunt everyone with the amusing taste for a long time.