Nyesha Arrington Of Next Level Chef Reviews Gordon Ramsay
Image Credit: Flickr/Pexels

Former "Top Chef" contestant Nyesha Arrington, who co-hosts "Next Level Chef," complimented Ramsay's professionalism on set. She claimed that although some may view him as a divisive figure, the man is truly exceptional. It's evident in the way he manages his teams and the level of respect they accord him. It's not a mindset driven by fear.

Ramsay still loves to cook, even though he doesn't work in the kitchen as much these days. It runs in his family, he added. He laughed that, for his three adolescent girls, he was the in-house cook during COVID. He received very little compensation for it too.

Spending so much time watching food TV may seem like an odd hobby for one of the most accomplished chefs in the world. However, Ramsay's obsession with being up to date with the food industry and his almost unquenchable need to keep winning and proving himself persist.

Under the direction and evaluation of Ramsay, Arrington, and Blais, three teams of chefs compete in a series of culinary challenges. In every episode, chefs are tasked with cooking in one of three kitchens piled on top of one another. The center level is a typical commercial kitchen, the bottom level has a small selection of inferior equipment, and the top level is outfitted with an extensive array of contemporary tools and gadgets.

Twenty-four chefs start the third season, evenly split among three categories (professional, home, and social media). The eight chefs of a given kind compete in three rounds in each of the first three episodes, one per kitchen, with one chef removed at the end of each round. The mentors can select the five surviving cooks for their respective teams.

A platform loaded with components is lowered through the construction from top to bottom before each challenge. The chefs there have thirty seconds to gather everything they believe they will need as it reaches each level, with a maximum of one protein per chef. After that, they have 45 minutes to prepare, cook, and plate their food, using any surprise ingredient(s) that might be provided to them on the platform.

The chef whose meal is deemed the best overall during the team competition episodes receives immunity from elimination for the entire team. For a 30-minute head-to-head competition on the highest level, the mentors of the other two teams each select one of their own members. During this period, the ingredient platform is still accessible, and the winning team's mentor oversees the two chefs while they cook, with assistance from their peers. 

The winning team's mentor casts the tie-breaking vote when the other two mentors dispute over which chef should be ousted from the competition based on their assessments of the meals.

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