Nutty Delights: 8 Health Benefits Of Pistachios
Image Credit: Pexels

One of the most sought-after nuts in the world is the pistachio. Pista's health benefits include improving digestion, lowering blood pressure, protecting the body against diabetes and high blood pressure, and strengthening the heart. Pistachios have exceptional nutrition and are a great source of proteins, lipids, minerals, and vitamins for your body. 

Pistachios are among the earliest edible nuts and are widely used all over the world. It is native to Asia, mostly from Iran and Iraq. Evidence from archaeology shows that humans and pistachios were related as early as 6100 BC. Cultivated in Iran, Syria, and Iraq, these nuts were only introduced to the Romans in 110 BC. Pistachios are now produced in a number of nations, including the US, Turkey, China, and Australia, in addition to Iran, Syria, and Iraq.

According to NIH, pistachios have various health benefits. Let's explore various facts about these wonderful nuts.

8 Health Benefits Of Pista Nuts

1. Encourages Cardiovascular Health

Moderate pistachio nut consumption may help maintain heart health. The reason for this is that monounsaturated fats, which pistachios are an excellent source of, may have a significant effect on lowering bad cholesterol. As is well known, high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol are the primary cause of clogged arteries, which reduces blood flow to the heart and ultimately causes a heart attack. 

2. Pistachios Enhance Digestion And Nourish The Skin

Pistachios are highly therapeutic for the skin due to their various antioxidants. Vitamin E is effective in protecting cell membranes and improving skin radiance. These antioxidants provide protection from damaging solar radiation. Pistachios' essential oils make them an effective tool for reducing skin pigmentation, dryness, and ageing.

3. Decreased Risk Of AMD

Lutein and zeaxanthin are two examples of the carotenoid antioxidants found in pistachios. These antioxidants have been shown to help reduce the risk of age-related macular disease in older people, according to a study by Tufts University in Boston, USA. They could be added in addition to veggies for the higher lutein and zeaxanthin content.

4. Cut Down On Skin Dryness

The natural oils found in nuts have amazing emollient properties that hydrate skin and shield it from excessive dryness. Pistachio nuts' saturated fats are great carrier oils that are also traditionally utilised in aromatherapy and traditional massage therapy. Strong antioxidants such as vitamins E and A help to preserve the structure of skin cells, keeping the skin looking younger and more elastic. 

5. Enhances Eye Well-being

The health benefits of pistachios extend beyond heart health protection. Eating pistachios also contributes to maintaining eye health. These are made up of carotenoids, which have been shown to shield the eyes against age-related issues, including cataracts. When carotenoid-rich foods and snacks like pistachios are included in the diet, the risk of age-related retinal impairment is reduced. Therefore, if you're concerned about keeping your vision clear, eat moderate amounts of pistachios every day.

6.  Properties of Aphrodisiacs

Research by Aldemir et al. (2011) indicates that pistachios have a major impact on men's sexual vigour. According to research, men who consumed roughly 100 grams of pistachios each day for three weeks experienced a 50% improvement in their erectile function. Ultrasound images of the penis's blood flow were used to confirm this.

7. Pistachio Provides Body With Arginine

Pistachios are rich sources of arginine, which is essential to the body's metabolic processes. It will assist in raising the body's nitric oxide levels. How significant is that now? Nitric oxide merely aids in avoiding blockages from accumulating across the body's arterial walls, which is why it's significant. L-arginine, another name for arginine, is referred to as the "miracle molecule" since it helps make a number of bodily processes work better.

8. Preventive Ageing

Vitamin E has a major role in protecting your skin from ageing. However, this specific diet also contains additional antioxidants that truly help reduce the likelihood of early ageing and prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. These antioxidants—which include vitamin E—aim to counteract free radicals, which can harm skin tissue and hasten the ageing process. 

Nutrient-dense nuts such as unsaturated fat, protein, fibre, and others are among the healthiest. Eating nuts can help you control your weight, lower your blood pressure, lower your risk of heart disease, boost your immune system, and improve your cognitive function.