NYC Restaurant Run By Grandmas Offers Home-Cooked Comfort
Image Credit: Jody Scaravella, Enoteca Maria

In this age, you can find several restaurants with great chefs promising an exquisite meal to enjoy the evening. Yet, no matter how much you are a fan of take-outs and dining out, you can agree that nothing beats home-cooked meals. While the difference may not be in the recipe, what makes the difference is the love and comfort of home which you can't find elsewhere.

With the intention of bringing home-like food to the fast-paced cities, this restaurant will help you find a home away from home. Enoteca Maria, a charming trattoria situated in the  St. George section of Staten Island in New York is a unique eatery where you won't find professional chefs. Instead, you will be greeted with grannies or nonnas from around the world.

Born from a deep appreciation for familial culinary traditions, Enoteca Maria was founded by Joe Scaravella in memory of his mother, grandmother and sister. After their passing, Scaravella missed the essence of home-cooked meals which inspired him to start this restaurant in 2007  where Italian grandmothers from diverse regions take turns cooking their authentic menus. Expanding its offerings to include cuisines from all around the world, the restaurant started inviting grandmothers from different countries in 2015.

Despite facing failures in the beginning years, Joe continued the restaurant without caring about the outcome, and today his efforts have significantly paid off. Enoteca Maria’s nonnas around the world have become a unique attraction in the city, garnering praises from the patrons and features in various magazines and articles.

Image Credits: Enoteca Maria | Instagram

Initially, the restaurant only recruited Italian grandmothers with the mission of sharing Italian culinary heritage. But as soon as it started growing, Scaravella envisioned including grandmothers from different countries sharing their pieces of culture with the world. Beyond being skilled chefs, these women, often empty nesters or widowed, find solace and purpose in the kitchen, becoming cherished contributors to the restaurant's diverse and vibrant atmosphere.

Scaravella saw the excellence of cooking in these nonnas. Being equipped with decades of cooking experience and a profound understanding of their authentic cultural cuisines, these grandmothers bring together their cross-cultural culinary exchanges in one kitchen.

Capturing the nostalgic feelings of home-cooked meals, this restaurant is where you will find the comfort of the home in the form of good food. Whipping up delicious dishes from their cultures, these nonnas from around the world will take you down memory lane to cherish timeless flavours of tradition.