New GUTS Cookies Inspired By Olivia Rodrigo Concert Woos Fans
Image Credit: Pexels

Olivia Rodrigo has released a 'Guts'-themed cookie for her upcoming concert. The 20-year-old pop sensation has teamed up with Crumbl Cookies which is a popular bakery firm to launch the Olivia Rodrigo Guts Cookie ahead of her Guts World Tour.

Olivia released her latest album 'Guts' in September 2023. As she announced on Instagram: "@crumblcookies is joining the #GUTSworldtour!!!" Get the GUTS cookie for one week only at Crumbl shops around the tour (sic)."

Fans of Olivia Rodrigo's upcoming GUTS World Tour will surely discover how delicious the cookie crumbles are. Or, rather, how the Crumbl Cookies work for them.

Olivia has collaborated with Crumbl brand cookies to produce a distinctive treat that will be available throughout North America throughout the tour. Crumbl outlets near each tour stop will sell the cookie for a week before the events.

The cookie is purple, which is consistent with the GUTS image. It's two purple vanilla cookies with vanilla buttercream and triple-berry jam. It's covered in sprinkles and capped with a star-shaped cutout. Olivia shared a photo of herself holding one of the giant cookies, which is as big as her hand.

The cookie will go on sale on February 19 in retailers in and around Palm Desert, California, leading up to the tour's opening event on February 23.

As part of the offer, you can win tickets to Olivia's event in Salt Lake City on July 31 and a signed box of cookies. 

To learn how to enter, visit Crumble Cookies' Instagram page or Crumbl has announced that the limited-time cookie would be served at places within an hour of Olivia's Guts World Tour concerts.

The delectable dessert comprises two purple cookies sandwiched with triple-berry jam and vanilla buttercream. Crumbl said on Instagram that Global superstar Olivia Rodrigo has teamed up with Crumbl to develop Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS Cookie. It is a brand new star-studded flavour inspired by her daring spirit and the legendary sounds of her newest album.

The company also stated that as Olivia goes on tour, her GUTS Cookie will be right there with her, available at Crumbl outlets surrounding each concert location, but for only one week! 

Olivia's globe tour will begin later this month, just days after she turns 21.The pop singer reportedly said she's excited to perform in front of her followers.

When asked how she feels about her big birthday, Olivia, who turns 21 on February 20, told reporters that she is really happy and that this is an extremely fortunate week. 

She exclaims that the GUTS songs were meant to be sung in a crowd. She is sure that the lyrics resonate better in person. The concert experience is expected to be unforgettable, especially considering 'Sour' was released during a pandemic. 

She also states that she is really happy with how everything is going, and there are a lot of fun things she has planned in terms of visuals and other stuff for the concert.

Will you attend the big concert? How would you like to take a cookie?